Discover Muslim Baby Names for Boys and Girls

When someone comes to this world, the first thing we do is to give them an identity. A newborn is given an identity with a name, a name that stays with them till the last day of their life.

Giving names to newborns is a ritual, and following this ritual people do a lot of research for it. If we study the concept of giving names, there is one thing to understand names are not merely words or alphabets. We will mention some of the Muslim baby names for boys and girls below too.

People from the Muslim community are very particular about the name’s meaning, its origin, and other details. They make sure that the name they choose for their newborns is purposeful and lies under the umbrella of their religious beliefs. So, when they discover names for their kids, they do proper research and take help from religious scholars for this purpose. Now if you want to discover Muslim baby names, the task is much simple than before.

In these times of the internet, people are really fast and they discover names beforehand. Not only has this but they also had more than one option. They do research on it and discuss their options with family and agree on the one they like the most. We will now mention some of the names of both boys and girls.



Arisha is a Muslim name for girls that means to build or highness.


The second name which is a common name is Saba. The name Saba means the morning breeze.


Talking about names with pretty pronunciation we would mention the name Manahil which means spring, or fountain. 


The next name that we are going to mention is this name Abeer which literally means perfume. 


When we talk about the names that are Unique we need to mention the name, Ruhi. This small, and really cute name means someone who is really spiritual. If you are looking for more such names with the alphabet R then you can look for Appealing Muslim girl names that start with R


Because we have just mentioned unique names we would talk about one more such name which is Amyra. The name Amyra means princess.


One name that is really popular because of the Pakistani actress is Mahira. This name means someone who is really skilled. 


Haniya is the name that gained popularity in the early 2000s and you must have heard about it a lot after that. The meaning of this name is a place where you can rest. 


Hearing the name Kiara you might think it is a Hindu name but it is not true. The name Kiara comes from a Muslim background and it means someone with dark hair. 


The last name of the Muslim girl’s name we would like to mention the name Hoorain. This name is really pretty and it means women of paradise. 


For the next name we would like to mention the name Abeeha which is again a Muslim name. the name Abeeha means a beautiful flower.


If you are looking for a short and cute name then you can go with the name Ayra. This name is really beautiful and it means someone who is respectable.



Starting off with the name that is our own personal favorite which is Ayan. The name Ayan comes from Muslim origin and it means blessing.


Rehan is a name that sure has become slightly old but is still as popular as ever. This really cute Muslim boy’s name means fragrance.


The name Huzaifa is really popular among Muslims because this was the name of Hazrat Muhammad SAW’s companion. The name Huzaifa means wise, or intellectual. 


When we talk about Muslim boy names that are like the top popular names then we sure have to mention the name, Ali. This short name means noble, or someone who is high in rank.


Some names you just like as you hear them and for us that name sure is Taimoor. The name Taimoor means self-made, and independent.


If you are looking for a name that sounds religious too with a good meaning then you can choose this name Azaan. The name just as it says means call for prayer.


For the next name we are going to mention Kabir. This name again sounds Hindu but it is a Muslim name. The meaning of this name is venerable.

If you are looking for more Muslim boy name then you can look for What are some Modern Arabic Muslim baby boy names from A to Z


For the next name we are going to mention the name, Hadi. It is a short and really cute name. The meaning of the name Hadi is a leader or a guide.


If you are looking for a really unique name that nobody would have heard about then go for this name Ahnaf. The name Ahnaf means worshipper of Allah. This sure is a great name. 


The last name that we are going to mention is the name of our Last Holy Prophet PBUH. You can always choose this name and can never go wrong with it. 

Now, we will discuss how you can discover Muslim baby names for your boys and girls.

1. Take help from Ancestor 

If you are having difficulty discovering Muslim baby names contact your immediate source and that is none other than your family. Talk to your elders and they surely help you find a beautiful and meaningful name for your baby boy or girl. 

2. Seek help from Religious Scholars

Religious scholars are fully equipped with knowledge and understanding. They are good at suggesting beautiful names and you can contact trust them completely.

If you are interested in knowing the history and origin of a Muslim name, religious scholars can help you with it. They give you all the information regarding a Muslim baby name that you are interested in knowing. 

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