What Are The Unique And Prettiest Names For Christian Babies? 

Do you know what that one thing that makes you known is? 

Well, it is your name that helps you get known among groups of people. A name is an identity of an individual, and nobody can exist without it. 

When someone is born, the first thing that parents do for their kids is to give them a name, and that name stays with them till the end. A name is not just a word, but it holds personal, historical, and familial connections. 

So, no matter what the religion, caste, or culture is, people give names to their newborns as soon as they come into this world. Like any other community or religion, Christians also give names to their kids. 

Giving a name is like giving a belonging or space to someone in the world that has just arrived. So, considering this Christians believe that giving unique and prettiest names to Babies is like a responsibility. 

They take this responsibility seriously and give beautiful and unique names to their kids. They pay a lot of attention to the meaning and beauty of names so, if you are searching for a unique Christian name, consider the following names 


It is a Christian name given to baby girls. The beautiful meaning of Abana is someone Made of Stone or Someone that gives strength to others. It is a Biblical name that represents a strong personality that is made of stone. The origin of Abana is Arabic, and it also gives the meaning of an individual who is tall and strong. 


It is a Christian name that comes from the word Alba. The word Alba refers to Albert or Alban. It is a respectful name of Gaelic and Irish origin. It also gets linked with Latin origin but is mainly a Christian name of Gaelic roots. Alby is a cute and beautiful baby boy name that represents someone with a cute and shiny personality. 

The meaning of Alby is bright, and it also gives you vibes of something noble and shiny. It is a cute name that holds a beautiful meaning and is common in a Christian community. 


Dylan is a unique Christian name, and people love its meaning. If you search the meaning, of Dylan, you see that it means someone who can win every people’s mind. 

The word Dylan is a word-neutral word, and you can give this name to both males and females. It is a unique Christian name that means Son of The Sea or someone born from the ocean. Dylan is a two-word Welsh name, and when put to gather, they mean Son of Sea. 


Eliphaz is a Biblical baby name for Christian boys. It is a unique name with the strong meaning of The Endeavour of God. It is a growth-oriented name of different origins. The word Eliphaz represents an individual who is strong in personality, decision-making, and in terms of looks. 

It is a beautiful name, and Christian people love to give this name to their baby boys. Like any other name, it holds a strong impact so, people give this lucky name to their kids because of its charm and meaning. 


Haziel is a beautiful name, and it means Vision or Prophecy of God. The word Haziel is also connected to the Hazel tree, and because of its beautiful meaning, people give this name to their baby girls. 

The whole vibe and aura of this name are connected to nature and beauty so, Christians give this name to their girls. The origin of Haziel is Hebrew, and most Christians in the Hebrew community use this name. 


Itzak is a different and unique Biblical name. It is different because of its pronunciation and meaning. The word Itzak means someone who will laugh or live happily. The literal meaning of this name is Laughter, and its origin is Israeli. 

It also means He will laugh, so considering the meaning, Christians give this name to their newly born boys. It is a boy’s name, and a lot of people found it a strong name. Someone with the name Itzak is considered powerful and can deal with anything. 


The Christian name Jerrod is simple and beautiful at the same time. It is a beautiful name that gives positive vibes or energies. The name Jerrod means down to earth, and people give this name to their baby boys. 

The word Jerrod is of Hebrew origin and is one of the most simple and decent names to give to your baby boys. It is a Biblical name that means he who descends. Jerrod is a small name that holds deep meaning, and people love to give this name to their babies. 

People with the name Jerrod are considered lucky, and it also evokes the emotions of down to earth personality. The true meaning of Jerrod is an individual with simple nature or someone who knows how to stay grounded. 


Adina is a biblical name that represents something delicate. It is a religious baby name derived from the Hebrew Bible. Christians give this name to baby girls because it holds a soft touch and is all about a good thing. 

It is a name of Hebrew origin, and if you search the meaning of Adina, you will find words like delicate and Noble written under it. People spell this name differently, like Adeena and Adina, but the meaning remains the same. 

It is a name of an Old Testament Soldier, and in Christian culture, it is shown as something mild or gentle. Therefore, they give this name to their girls because of its gentle touch. 


It is the prettiest baby girl’s name that means Crown. If you search for the meaning of Atarah, you will find its origin in Bible. In the Christian book Bible, it is mentioned that Atarah was the wife of Jerahmeel, one of the descendants of Judah. 

Atarah is a religious name connected with the roots of Christians. So, people love to give this female name to their baby girls. It is a Hebrew name that means represents Crown or someone who wears the Crown. 


Kedem is a short yet beautiful name primarily given to Christian males. It is a unique name, and the meaning of the word Kedem is Ancient. The name Kedem suggests something old and precious. 

The other meanings of Kedem are Old, East, Mediators, or helpers of the world. People with the name Kedem are different in terms of the code of conduct because they have the talents and abilities to do things. 

Kedem is a Hebrew word, and it consists of multiple origins. According to the meaning, it is a Christian boy’s name. 


Bernice is a name that means someone who brings victory. It is a beautiful feminine name, and people give this name to their beautiful daughters at their birth. 

It is a greek name that represents competitive spirit. If you search the meaning of Bernice, you will see that it is mentioned as a symbol of achievement or victory everywhere. 

The literal meaning of the word Bernice is a bringer of victory, and when a daughter is born in a Christian household, this gives this name to her as a symbol of accomplishment. 


Othello is a Biblical name of legendary status. Othello was the titular hero and the name of that hero, and people remember him by giving him his name. The true meaning of the word Othello is wealth, or he has the sound of a hero. 

It is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin, and this name holds exclusive ownership. In Hebrew, it means prosperity, and in English, it represents a young bull. It is a beautiful Christian name and was a popular Shakespeare Character. 


Dove is the name of the bird of peace, and Christians use this word to name their beautiful daughters. The word Dove holds a feminine vibe, so people give this name to baby girls. 

The true meaning of the word Dove is peace, and it is a bird with different colors. It is also known as the symbol of tranquility because the bird Dove was released by Noah, and it returned with the end of the floods. 

After that, the bird was popularly known as a bird of peace, so Christian people provide this British origin to their daughters. Although the word Dove is all about positivity, it holds a dark and shady touch. 


Haggith is a different and interesting name. It is a Biblical name, and people give this name to their baby girls. The word Haggith represents a festival or someone who knows the dance. The true meaning of the word Haggith is Dancer, and it represents a specific festival on which someone dances. 

It is a common feminine name, and Christian people give this name to girls in remembrance of their festival. Haggith also means one who rejoices, and it consists of Hebrew origin. The origin of Haggith is connected with the wives of king David in Christian history. 


The Biblical name Reuel is a variation of Raguel and is a beautiful name with a historical connection. It is a soft yet sturdy name of Hebrew origin. It is a popular baby boy name, and Christians love to give this name to their kids because of its connection with the Father in the Law of Moses. 

The literal meaning of the word Reuel is Friend of God, and this name is associated with some famous personalities like the fantasy author John Reuel Tolkien. Reuel is a religious Christian name and holds a powerful meaning. 


Hodesh is a short and beautiful baby girl name for Christians. It is a Biblical name, and it consists of different meanings like born during the new moon, a new, table simply new moon. 

It is a trending name, and its origin is Hebrew. It is easy to pronounce and is also beautiful in meaning. It is a fairly short name, and it also consists of a water 


Ted is a small baby boy’s name, and its meaning is a precious gift of God. It is a Christian name with short attributes and easy pronunciation. The best thing about this name is its meaning. 

The true meaning of the word Ted is Fortune, Wealth, or something special like God’s Gift. It is a Greek name, and it gives the meaning of a wealthy guardian. Christians provide this name to their baby boys, but they don’t use it independently. 

The Ted is used with another name to make it sound more powerful. The Greek name Ted also represents happiness or richness or getting a treasure from God. 


Hushim is a unique Christian name used for both boys and girls. It is a unisex name, and the meaning of this name is A person Of Silence. The name Hushim is different because it has many properties. 

People with the name Hushim are smart, and jovial about life. They have ambitious personalities and are also known as the Man of Haste. The origin of this name is English and is the name of the current era. You can give this unique name to your Christian girls and boys both. 


Wilfred is an old English name, and its meaning is desiring peace. The beauty of this name is that you can give it to your boys because it is well-composed. It is a unique name, and you can give it to your baby boys. 

The true meaning of this name is the resolute protector, and Christians use this name for their baby boys because of its meaning, and origin. 

All the above Christian names are unique and pretty in their way. They have different meanings, origins, and overall impacts. Whatever name you provide, has some impact on personality, so be mindful while selecting the name of your kid. 

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