Anna Wintour Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

Anna Wintour is a fashion journalist and editor-in-chief of the American ‘Vogue’, a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine. This biography profiles her childhood, life, journalism career, achievements and timeline.

Anna Wintour Biography, Facts and Family

  • Famous:Journalists
  • Sun Sign:Scorpio
  • Also Known As:Nuclear Wintour, Anna Wintour, OBE
  • Born In:London
  • Famous As:Magazine Editor, Fashion Journalist
  • Height:5'7" (170 Cm), 5'7" Females
  • Spouse/Ex-:David Shaffer, Shelby Bryan
  • Father:Charles Wintour
  • Mother:Eleanor Trego Baker
  • Siblings:Gerald Wintour, James Wintour, Nora Wintour, Patrick Wintour
  • Children:
    1. Bee Shaffer
    2. Charles Shaffer
  • Personality:ESTP
  • City:London, England
  • Education:North London Collegiate School
  • Bio:Anna Wintour Is A Fashion Journalist And Editor-in-chief Of The American ‘Vogue’, A Monthly Fashion And Lifestyle Magazine. This Biography Profiles Her Childhood, Life, Journalism Career, Achievements And Timeline.