Diego Velazquez Biography, Birthday & Nationality

Diego Velazquez 06/06/1599   -   06/08/1660

Diego Velazquez Introduction:

Spanish painter Diego Velazquez grew popular as one of the leading artists in the royal court of King Philip IV. This biography profiles his childhood, life, paintings, achievements and timeline.

Diego Velazquez Biography, Awards, Facts and Family

  • Famous: Spanish Men
  • Died At Age: 61
  • Sun Sign: Gemini
  • Also Known As: Diego Rodríguez De Silva Y Velázquez
  • Born In: Seville
  • Famous As: Painter
  • Spouse/Ex-: Juana Pacheco
  • Father: João Rodrigues Da Silva
  • Mother: Jerónima Velázquez
  • Children:
    1. Francisca De Silva Velázquez Y Pacheco
    2. Ignacia De Silva Velázquez Y Pacheco
  • Died On: August 6, 1660
  • Place Of Death: Madrid
  • City: Seville, Spain
  • Bio: Spanish Painter Diego Velazquez Grew Popular As One Of The Leading Artists In The Royal Court Of King Philip IV. This Biography Profiles His Childhood, Life, Paintings, Achievements And Timeline.