Georg Ohm Biography, Birthday & Nationality

Georg Ohm 16/03/1789   -   06/07/1854

Georg Ohm Introduction:

George Ohm is founder of the concept known as Ohm’s law. Explore this biography to get details about his life and works.

Georg Ohm Biography, Awards, Facts and Family

  • Famous: Mathematicians
  • Died At Age: 65
  • Sun Sign: Pisces
  • Also Known As: Georg Simon Ohm
  • Born In: Erlangen, Brandenburg-Bayreuth
  • Famous As: Physicist & Mathematician
  • Father: Johann Wolfgang Ohm
  • Mother: Maria Elizabeth Beck
  • Siblings: Elizabeth Barbara, Georg Simon, Martin
  • Died On: July 6, 1854
  • Place Of Death: Munich, Kingdom Of Bavaria
  • Education:
    1. Friedrich-Alexander-University
    2. Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Awards: 1841 - Copley Medal
  • Bio: George Ohm Is Founder Of The Concept Known As Ohm’s Law. Explore This Biography To Get Details About His Life And Works.