J. M. Coetzee Biography, Birthday, Awards and Family

One of the most celebrated writers in the English speaking countries and the Noble Prize winner, J. M. Coetzee is a South African author, linguist and essayist.

J. M. Coetzee Biography, Facts and Family

  • Famous:Poorly Educated
  • Sun Sign:Aquarius
  • Also Known As:John Maxwell Coetzee
  • Born In:Cape Town
  • Famous As:Novelist, Author
  • Height:6'0" (183 Cm), 6'0" Males
  • Spouse/Ex-:Phillipa Jubber
  • Father:Zacharias Coetzee
  • Mother:Vera Wehmeyer Coetzee
  • Siblings:David Coetzee
  • Children:
    1. Gisela
    2. Nicholas
  • City:Cape Town, South Africa
  • Education:
    1. University Of Texas At Austin
    2. University Of Cape Town
  • Awards:1983 - Booker Prize 1985 - Prix Femina Étranger 1995 - The Irish Times International Fiction Prize
  • 1999 - Booker Prize 2003 - Nobel Prize In Literature:
  • Bio:One Of The Most Celebrated Writers In The English Speaking Countries And The Noble Prize Winner, J. M. Coetzee Is A South African Author, Linguist And Essayist.