Eman Name Meaning in English

Eman name meanings in English, personality, lucky number, lucky stone, origin and religion

Eman is a unisex name of separate origins. It can be a variant of the unisex name Iman, which is of Arabic origin and is said to mean 'faith'.

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Meaning: Faith

Eman name meaning and details.

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Eman Name Meaning in Urdu

Write Eman in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla
(Eman pronunciation in different languages)

Urdu: إيمان
Hindi: एमन
Arabic: إيمان
Bangla: এমন

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What is the meaning of Eman ?

Eman is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Eman name meanings is Faith.
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Eman is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as إيمان, एमन, إيمان, এমন. Other similar sounding names can be Emad, Emaan.

Answers for the most frequently asked questions about name Eman

What does Eman name mean?

Eman is one of the most loved baby girl name, its meaning is faith, ایمان meaning "one who believes"..

How to write Eman in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla?

Well, Eman can be written in various beautiful fonts in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as إيمان, एमन, إيمان, এমন.

What is the religion of the name Eman?

The people with name Eman are mostly known as Muslim.

What is the origin of the name Eman?

Most of the muslim names are orginated from Arabic origin.

Is the name Eman difficult to pronounce?

Eman name has 4 letter and 1 word and it short and easy to pronounce.

Is Eman name is short?

Absolutely! Eman is a short name.

Eman Ethnicity Distribution.

  • Ethnicity
  • White
  • African American
  • Asian, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander
  • American Indian and Alaska Native
  • Two or More Ethnicities
  • Hispanic or Latino

Facts About Famouse People with Name Eman

Exploring Eman's Personality

Eman has the numerology 6. The gender of this name Eman is Girl. These people are very good at keeping a nice balance between everything. They do not really over do anything rather they know how do they need to keep limits in everything.

Those who have numerology 6 are thought to be one of the most mature people because they are extremely responsible for their things and they are also very protective of the people around them. The religion is Muslim.

The meaning of this name is Faith.These are people who believe that they can only move forward in their lives if they have sympathy in their hearts and that is how they believe in nurturing. They are known to be the most sympathetic and kind towards the people around them no matter if they know them personally or not.

What we know about Eman

The name that we are going to be talking about in this article, is one of the names that are used for both genders. By that, we mean that it is a unisex name and you can use it for the male, and female.

The name that we are talking about is Eman. It is a very good name because it is one of the most important things that we learn in our own religion Islam. That actually comes from the meaning of this name which is Faith. In Islam, one thing that we are taught the most is to have faith because it is what leads to everything that happens in our lives.

Coming to all the details that come with this name, it is an Arabic origin name that is used for both genders. This name is an extremely common name and is very widely used by Muslims.

There are always some really fun things that come with each name and for this name, it is the reverse version of it. The name eman when read backward says NAME.

The people with this name are thought to be of a very kind nature, and they are also extremely empathetic and sweet. These people are also known to be the ones that think out of the box always.

Not just that but this name also comes with a lot of other versions for example it comes in Hindi, Bangla, German, etc. When it comes to the name Eman it is thought to have a moon Zodiac sign as Taurus. This name is also very widely found in a lot of different countries.

There are also a lot of famous people with this name including Eman Gaber, Eman Lam, Eman Ghoneim, etc. The name eman comes with the numerology of the number 6. It is thought that people with this numerology are very ambitious, and are always working towards their goals, and working to achieve them too. These people are also thought to be the ones that are giving their 100% in every relationship that they have.

Some people are also curious about what are the lucky colors for the names that they like. The name Eman has the lucky colors Blue, white, and yellow. The lucky number for this name is 5.


Impacts on the personality:

The name Eman, just as we stated comes from a very good background as it is an important part of our religion. So, this name comes with a lot of positivity and good energy.

This name brings in the good in the person with this name. These people are always filled with positive energy and they try to spread that around too. They are also very kind towards everyone that they meet.



Q: Is the name Eman unisex or not?

Ans. Yes, the name Eman is unisex, and you can use it for both genders.

Q: What is the numerology for the name Eman?

Ans. The numerology for the name Eman is 6.

Q: Do people think eman is a good name?

Ans. Yes. Eman is a very good name because a lot of people choose this name.

Q: What is the lucky color for the name Eman?

Ans. The lucky colors for the name Eman are white, yellow, and blue.

Q: Can we choose the name eman for a girl?

Ans. Yes, you can surely use this name for a girl.

Popular personalities with Eman Name.

Eman Lam
Eman Lam

Eman Lam is a cantopop and folktronica singer-songwriter, musician, fj, and writer. She was most prominent from 2002 to present.

Eman Lacaba
Eman Lacaba

Eman Lacaba is a screen writer, editor, and journalist. His career lasted from 1950 to 1950. Eman was given the name Emmanuel Flores Lacaba on December 10th, 1948 in Cagayan de Oro. Eman is also known as Eman.

Eman El-Asy
Eman El-Asy

Eman El-Asy is an actor and actress. Eman was born Eman El-Asy on August 28th, 1982 in Cairo.

Eman al-Nafjan
Eman Al-Nafjan

Eman al-Nafjan is a writer and educator. Eman was born in Saudi Arabia.

Mike Eman
Mike Eman

Mike Eman is a Prime Minister of Aruba. Mike was born on September 1st, 1961 in Oranjestad, Aruba.

Henny Eman
Henny Eman

Henny Eman is a 1. He was most prominent from 1986 to 1989. Henny was born on April 20th, 1948 in Aruba.

Samigue Eman
Samigue Eman

Samigue Eman is a basketball player for the Alaska Aces, San Miguel Beermen, and Alaska Aces (PBA) in the Philippine Basketball Association. His most notable accomplishments were from 2007 to present. Samigue was born on March 12th, 1982 in Davao City.

Nasim Eman
Nasim Eman

Nasim Eman is an athlete for the De Abasin Sape F.C.

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