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  • Kajsa - KIE-sah
    Meanings and history of the name Kajsa: | Edit. Swedish pet name for Karin or Katarina. Related to the name Katherine. Pronounced: KI-sah or KI-suh. Meanings: pure, queen.
    Meaning: Chaste, Pure Origin: Greek, Swedish
  • Kare - KAH-reh
    Norse Meaning: The name Kare is a Norse baby name. In Norse the meaning of the name Kare is: Tremendous.
    Meaning: Curvy Origin: Danish, Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Karina - kah-REE-nah
    Karina"/Kariːnɑː/" is a female given name of modern usage. It can be a variant spelling of Carina (from Latin carus = love) or a short form of Katarina/Katrina. It is mainly used in Greece, Scandinavia and Poland; when spelt Carina it is used in Italy and Spain.
  • Kerstin - KER-stin
    Swedish Meaning: The name Kerstin is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Kerstin is: Christian.
    Meaning: Christian woman Origin: Latin, Swedish
  • Ketill
    Meaning: Helmet, small pot Origin: Swedish
  • Kettil - KEH-til
    Meaning: Large pot Origin: Old Norse, Swedish
  • Kfister
    Meaning: Christian Origin: Swedish
  • Kjell - SHEL
    Kjell is a masculine given name in Norway, Finland and Sweden, in Denmark the cognate is Kjeld or Keld. It is derived from the Old Norse: kętill, meaning "kettle," "cauldron," or "helmet." In 2007, there were 59,011 men in Sweden with "Kjell" as their first name, making it the 42nd most common masculine name in Sweden.
    Meaning: Large pot Origin: Norwegian, Old Norse, Swedish
  • Kjerstin - KYER-stin
    Meaning and origin. Kjerstin is a Norwegian girl name. The meaning of the name is Anointed, Follower of Christ.
  • Klas - KLAHS
    Swedish Meaning: The name Klas is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Klas is: People's victory.
    Meaning: People's triumph Origin: Greek, Swedish
  • Kolbjorn
    Swedish Meaning: The name Kolbjorn is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Kolbjorn is: Black bear.
    Meaning: Black bear Origin: Swedish
  • Krist
    Swedish Meaning: The name Krist is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Krist is: Christian.
    Meaning: Christian Origin: Swedish
  • Kristar
    Meaning: Christian Origin: Swedish
  • Kysa
    Ky-sa, kys-a ] The baby girl name Kysa is pronounced as KIHSAH †. The origin of Kysa is the Russian and African-Uganda languages. Kysa is a variant form of the Russian and English name Kisa. Kysa is also a variant form of the African name Kissa. See also the related category russian.
    Meaning: Pure Origin: Swedish