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  • Lage
    Lage Name Meaning. Portuguese and Galician: habitational name from any of the several places called Lage in Galicia and Portugal, named with lage, laxe 'flat rock or slab of stone', or a topographic name for someone who lived by such a rock.
    Meaning: From the sea Origin: Swedish
  • Lasse - LAHS-she
    Given Name LASSE. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish. PRONOUNCED: LAHS-se (Danish, Finnish) [details]
  • Linn - LIN
    Linn Name Meaning. Scottish: variant spelling of Lynn. Irish: reduced and altered form of McLean. Compare McLinn. German: habitational name from a place called Linn, named with lin 'swamp', 'bog', 'marsh'.
    Meaning: Resembling jade, from the woodland Origin: Swedish
  • Linnea - LEE-ne-ah
    Linnéa is a female given name of Swedish origin. It has two derivations, both of which are linked to the famous 18th-century Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, who was ennobled as Carl von Linné later in life.
    Meaning: Like a twinflower Origin: Swedish
  • Lotta - LAW-ta
    The name Lotta is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Lotta is: Masculine.
    Meaning: Free woman Origin: Finnish, Germanic, Swedish
  • Ludde - LOOD-deh
    Namesakes. Ludde is an IKEA product name (sheepskin). The name is not based on the given name, though, but on the Swedish vocabulary word luddig = 'fluffy', 'woolly'