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  • Ragnara
    1% this week. Gender: Male Meaning of Ragnar: "warrior or judgment" Origin of Ragnar: Norse.
    Meaning: Feminine form of ragnor, strong army Origin: Swedish
  • Ragnvard
    Meaning: Powerful fighter Origin: Swedish
  • Rigmora
    Meaning: Name of a queen Origin: Swedish
  • Rosel
    Origin of the name Rosemarie: Combination of the names Rose (horse; rose) and Marie. The name became popular at a time when flower names were coming into use, and it might therefore have originated as a borrowing of the name of the herb rosemary, which is derived from the Latin ros marīnus (dew of the sea).
    Meaning: Rose Origin: Swedish
  • Roselle
    Meaning of name Roselle. Etymology : French diminutive of ROSE. Saint : Origin : French (Rare)
    Meaning: Rose Origin: Swedish
  • Rut
    Origin of the name Ruth: Of uncertain etymology, most believe Ruth to be derived from the Hebrew rūth, a possible contraction of rē'ūth (companion, friend). The name is borne in the Bible by a Moabite woman who was devoted to her mother-in-law. Her story is told in the Book of Ruth.
    Meaning: Beautiful Origin: Swedish