Sikh, Punjabi Baby Names for Girls Starting with (B) ×

  • Beeyatch
    Bitch (slang) ... Bitch, literally meaning a female dog, is a slang pejorative for a person, commonly a woman, who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, a control freak, rudely intrusive or aggressive. When applied to a man, bitch is a derogatory term for a subordinate.
    Meaning: Creation of god Origin: Hindi
  • Bhavishyajot
    Meaning: Light of future Origin: Punjabi
  • Bimaljot
    The name Bimal is a baby boy name. The name Bimal comes from the Indian origin. In Sanskrit the meaning of the name Bimal is: One who is pure.
    Meaning: Pure light Origin: Punjabi