List of Names with "Woman of peace" in Meaning

A collection of baby names with meaning of woman of peace. We found in our database 10 names have the similar meanings. If you want to hold this word 'Woman of peace' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the alternative in the list given below:

  • Eireen - ie-REEN
    Origin of the name Irene: Derived from the Greek Eirēnē, which is from eirēnē (peace). The name is borne in Greek mythology by the goddess of peace, the daughter of Zeus and Themis.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: Greek
  • Femke - FEM-kə
    Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace". It also coincides with a Frisian word meaning "little girl".
  • Iren - I-rehn
    Iren. Slavic Origin. "Peace" The meaning of the name Iren is Peace. The origin of the name Iren is Slavic.
  • Irena - I-reh-nah
    The name Irena is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Irena is: Peace.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: Czech, Greek
  • Irene - IE-reen
    From Greek Ειρηνη (Eirene), derived from a word meaning "peace". This was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace, one of the 'Ωραι (Horai). It was also borne by several early Christian saints.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: Greek
  • Irenka - I-rehn-kah
    Given Name IRENKA. GENDER: Feminine. USAGE: Polish, Czech. PRONOUNCED: ee-REN-ka (Polish) [details]
  • Irina - ee-REE-nah
    Irina (Cyrillic: Ирина, Iryna (Cyrillic, Ukrainian spelling: Ірина) is a variant of Irene, being a Cyrillic-transliterated Christian Orthodox feminine given name of Greek origin, and the variant adopted by most followers of the Eastern Orthodox Church. ... In Ancient Greek εἰρήνη means peace.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: Greek
  • Irinushka - ee-ree-NOOSH-kah
    Meaning of name Irinushka. Etymology : Russian diminutive of IRINA. Saint : Origin : Russian.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: Greek, Russian
  • Irja - IR-ya
    Irja is a Finnish name for girls meaning Earth-worker; farmer. Read below for Irja's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: Finnish, Greek
  • Mirembe - mi-REHM-beh
    Meaning of name Mirembe. Etymology : Means "peace" in Luganda. Saint : Origin : Eastern African.
    Meaning: Woman of peace, Origin: African