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  • Aarohi
    The meaning of the name “Aarohi” is: “Ascending”. Categories: Hindu Names, Indian Names. Used in: Hindi speaking countries. Gender: Girl Names. Origins: Indian.
    Meaning: A music tune, Origin: Hindi
  • Mansa
    Mansa is a Mandinka word meaning "sultan" (king) or "emperor". It is particularly associated with the Keita Dynasty of the Mali Empire, which dominated West Africa from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. Powers of the mansa included the right to dispense justice and to monopolize trade, particularly in gold.
    Meaning: Third Born, A King, Powerful, Origin: Hindi
  • Jayesh
    This name comes from the Sanskrit translation of the name "Jaish", meaning "victor, lord of victory, victorious".
    Meaning: Victor, Eldest daughter or a Nakshatra, Origin: Hindi

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