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  • Ahsan
    Ahsan is a boy's name of Arabic origin, meaning perfection and excellence. One of the name's more common variants, Ihsan, means 'to do beautiful things' and is one of the three dimensions of the Islamic religion. ... It is also a Hindi name of Sanskrit origin meaning 'gratitude'.
    Meaning: The best of all, Better, Superior, Origin: Arabic
  • Habib e Khuda
    Meaning: , Origin: Hindi
  • Jabr
    The meaning of the name “Jabr” is: “To console or assist”. Categories: Arabic Names, Muslim Names.
    Meaning: Mighty, Brave, Compulsion name of a companion, Ibn Ateeq, also bin Habib and bin Nawf, Origin: Arabic
  • Habib
    Habib (Arabic: حبيب‎, translit. ḥabīb‎; Arabic pronunciation: [ħɑbiːb ]), also written Habeeb is an Arabic male name with the meaning "beloved", and its plural form is Habaayib, Habayeb or Habaaib (Arabic: حبايب‎, translit. ḥabâyib‎; Arabic pronunciation: [ħɑbɑːjib]). In Maltese it translates to "friend".
    Meaning: Beloved, dear, Friend, Love, Dear, Origin: Arabic

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