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  • Alia, Aliya, Alya
    Aliya (Arabic: علياء ‎‎) Aliye, Alia, or Aliyah is an Arabic feminine given name. It is the feminine of the name Ali, meaning "high" and "exalted".
    Meaning: Exalted; to ascend, go up, Origin: Hebrew
  • Alya - ah-LEE-ah
    Alya is a female name, which originates from Ancient Greek, Slavonic, Hebrew and Arabic. In Russia, Alya is typically used as a colloquial name by people named Albina, Alina, Alevtina, Alexandra. ... In Arabic, Alya means sky, heaven and loftiness.
    Meaning: Sky, Heaven, loftiness in Arabic, Origin: Arabic
  • Alia - ah-LEE-ah
    Alia is most classic and feminine form of Ali, one of the 99 attributes of Allah. The name is used by Christians, Muslims and Jews; the word Aliyah means to make a pilgrimage to Israel and the words in both languages mean sublime, lofty, or exalted.
    Meaning: Heaven, sky, Beautiful, Exaulted, elevated, Noble, High, Tall, raised, Origin: Arabic
  • Aliya - ə-LEE-ə
    Contribute your knowledge to the name Aliya. ... A variant of the Arabic name Aaliyah, which is in turn a feminine form of the male name Ali, meaning "most high.". Kazakh and Tatar form of ALIYAH. It is also a variant transcription of Arabic ALIYAH.
    Meaning: Defender, High, tall, towering, lofty, Exalted, high-ranking, sublime, Superior, Origin: Arabic

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