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  • Sultana
    Sultana Name Meaning. Maltese and Italian: nickname for someone who behaved in an outlandish and autocratic manner, from Arabic sul?tana 'wife of a sultan'. Compare English Soden. Muslim: from the feminine form of Sultan.
    Meaning: Queen, woman ruler, royalty, Origin: Arabic
  • Faizul anwar
    Muslim Boy Names Starting with F. Faizul Anwar is a Muslim baby Boy name, it is an Urdu originated name. Faizul Anwar name meaning is Abundance of light or graces.
    Meaning: Abundance of light or graces, Origin: Arabic
  • Anwar
    Anwar (or Anwer, Anwaar) is the English transliteration of two Arabic names commonly used in the Arab world: the male given name ʼAnwar (أنور), meaning "luminous" or the female given name ʼAnwār (أنوار), meaning "a collection of lights".
    Meaning: Rays of light, blossoms, More bright, more brilliant, more radiant, more luminous, Origin: Arabic

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