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  • Can - JAN
    Can (Turkish pronunciation: [ˈdʒän]) is a common Turkish and Circassian given name and surname, meaning spirit, life, or heart. ... In Turkish, the name Can is pronounced just like the common English name John.
    Meaning: Man with soul, Origin: Turkish
  • Ekath
    Meaning: One Soul, Origin: Hindi
  • Atmik
    Meaning: The soul, Origin: Hindi
  • Roho
    Roho. African Origin. "Soul" The meaning of the name Roho is Soul. The origin of the name Roho is African.
    Meaning: Soul, Origin: African
  • Rujusmiriti
    Meaning: Soul, Origin: Hindi
  • Atma
    Name Atma generally means Soul, is of Indian origin, Name Atma is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Atma are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Atma belongs to rashi Mesh (Aries) and Nakshatra (stars) Krithika.
    Meaning: Soul, Origin: Hindi
  • Qarun
    Quranic reference. Korah is also mentioned in the Quran by the name of Qarun (Arabic: قارون Qārūn). He is recognized as wealthy, and became very arrogant due to his pride and ignorance. ... In the Indonesian language, the term for treasure is "Harta Karun", meaning Karun's treasure.
    Meaning: Soul, Self, Origin: Hindi
  • Aatman
    Name Aatman generally means or , is of Indian origin, Name Aatman is a Masculine (or Boy) name.
    Meaning: Soul, Origin: Hindi
  • Psyche
    Means "the soul", derived from Greek ψυχω (psycho) "to breathe". The Greeks thought that the breath was the soul. In Greek mythology Psyche was a beautiful maiden who was beloved by Eros (or Cupid in Roman mythology). She is the subject of Keats's poem 'Ode to Psyche' (1819). Home » Names.
    Meaning: The Soul, Origin: Greek
  • Arima
    Arima Name Meaning. Japanese: 'owns a horse'; the name is found mostly in western Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. It is habitational, taken from the Arima hot spring near the city of Kobe. The original bearers were lords in the district, descended from the Minamoto clan.
    Meaning: Soul, Origin: Arabic

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