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  • Sarath
    Name Sarath generally means Charioteer of Partha or Lord Krishna, is of Indian origin, Name Sarath is a Unisex name, which means both Boy and Girl can have this name. This name is shared across persons, who are either Hindu or Buddhist by religion.
    Meaning: Autumn, Super boy, Complete or meaningful, Origin: Hindi
  • Durga Prasad
    Durga-Prasad - Detailed Meaning. The name of Durga-Prasad causes you to feel deeply for people and stirs a desire to ease the suffering in the world. You are refined in your manner, talkative, and charming.
    Meaning: Gift of goddess durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Maha Durga
    Durga, also identified as Adi Parashakti, Devi, Shakti, Bhavani, Parvati, and by numerous other names, is a principal and popular form of Hindu goddess. ... She appears in Indian texts as the wife of god Shiva, as another form of Parvati or mother goddess.
    Meaning: The Durga who is sleeping, Origin: Hindi
  • Durga Devi
    2. Baruni: According to Hindu mythology, Durga came into being to defeat Mahisasur, evil personified. At her core, Durga is the feminine Parvati. Baruni is a beautiful variation of Goddess Durga's name.
    Meaning: Goddess Durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Durga Das
    Meaning: Servant of the goddess durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Durga - DOOR-gah
    Meaning & History. Means "unattainable" in Sanskrit. Durga is a Hindu warrior goddess, the fierce, twelve-armed, three-eyed form of the wife of Shiva. She is considered an incarnation of Parvati.
  • Kapalini
    Name Kapalini generally means Goddess Durga, is of Indian origin, Name Kapalini is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Kapalini are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Kapalini belongs to rashi Mithun (Gemini) and Nakshatra (stars) Sravana, Mrigashiras.
    Meaning: Another name of Durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Badarivasa
    Meaning: Another Name of Durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Sambhwi
    Meaning: Durga, Origin: Hindi
  • Sharvaani
    Indian Origin. "Name Of The Goddess Parvati" The meaning of the name Sharvani is Name Of The Goddess Parvati. The origin of the name Sharvani is Indian.
    Meaning: Another name of Durga, Origin: Hindi

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