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  • Ezekiel - i-ZEE-kee-əl
    Derived from the Greek Iezekiēl, a name derived from the Hebrew yehezq'ēl (God strengthens). The name is borne in the Bible by a 6th century B.C. Hebrew prophet whose ministry lasted more than twenty-three years. His prophecies are recorded in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel.
    Meaning: Strengthened by god, Origin: Hebrew
  • Alaric - AL-ə-rik
    Alaric is a masculine Germanic given name that, broken into its parts means Ala "everyone's" and ric "ruler". This has various forms in the several Germanic languages, such as Alareiks in the original Gothic and Alrekr in Old Norse.
    Meaning: Emperor of all, Origin: Germanic
  • Alarice
    The meaning of the name “Alarice” is: “Noble ruler”. Categories: English Names, German Names, Germanic Names, Gothic Names, Norman Names.
    Meaning: Rules all. Feminine of Alaric., Origin: English
  • Nouh
    The meaning of name Nouh and origin Arabic. The meaning of name Nouh, origin of name Nouh , baby name Nouh.
    Meaning: Noah, Origin: Arabic
  • Nakima
    Meaning of "Nakima" African name. In African, the name Nakima means - noahs sea.The name Nakima originated as an African name. The name Nakima is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female). African Name Meaning - noahs sea.
    Meaning: Noah's sea, Origin: African
  • Noah - NO-ə
    Hebrew Meaning: The name Noah is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Noah is: Comfort; long-lived; repose. In the Bible, Noah built the ark, allowing his family and a male/female pair of every species of animal to survive the Flood.
    Meaning: Rest, Comfort, Origin: Hebrew
  • Jaavon
    Etymology & Historical Origin - Javon. Javon is a late 20th century name invention coined by African-Americans in the United States some time during the 1970s. ... Whether or not African-Americans had this Biblical Javan in mind when they created Javon, we're not sure.
    Meaning: Man from greece, in the bible, noah, Origin: Hebrew
  • Jayvonn
    Meaning. Man from greece ; in the bible , noah.
    Meaning: Man from greece, in the bible, noah, Origin: Hebrew
  • Javonn
    The meaning of the name “Javonn” is: “Son of Japheth”.
    Meaning: Man from greece, in the bible, noah, Origin: Hebrew
  • Jayvon
    It is predominantly used in English. In addition, Jayvon is a form of the English Jason. Jayvon is also a form of the English Javan. Forms of Jayvon include the names Jayvion and Jaywan. Variant forms inherit the origin and meaning of the name Jayvon.
    Meaning: Man from greece, in the bible, noah, Origin: American

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