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  • Asfia
    Asfia is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Asfia name meanings is Pure, enduring, respectable. People search this name as Asfia, Asfia name full meaning, Iram asfia jahan.
    Meaning: Pure, enduring, Respectable, Origin: Arabic
  • Iram
    The name is found in the the holy scripture of the Muslims, i.e. The Quran. It was named after a city which was rich in heritage and culture and religious but god destroyed the city because they were deviated from the right path. The name Iram also means Heaven. Not paradise.
    Meaning: Bright, Garden in heaven, The Paradise of Shadad, Eden, Origin: Arabic
  • Jahan - yah-HAHN
    Jahan (name) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jahan (Persian: جهان ‎‎) is a Persian word meaning "world" or "universe". It is used as first name or surname in the Middle East and South Asia. The Turkish rendering of the same name is Cihan.
    Meaning: The world, Origin: Arabic
  • Jahan khatoon
    Meaning: She was a Persian poet, Origin: Urdu
  • Sadar jahan
    Sadar jahan name brief: Sadar jahan is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Sadar jahan name meanings is Rule Of The World.
    Meaning: Rule Of The World, Origin: Arabic
  • Shah jahan
    Shah Jahan is a Muslim name for boys meaning King of the world.
    Meaning: King of the world, Origin: Arabic
  • Jahan aara
    MEANING: This name derives from the Persian (Fārsi) and Urdu “Jahan Ara”, meaning “world, universe (princess, queen of the world, universe)”.
    Meaning: Adornment of the world, Origin: Arabic
  • Noor jahan
    Noor jahan NAME MEANING IN URDU. Noor jahan Name meaning in Urdu is زمانے کی روشنی، دنیا کا نور، جہان کی روشنی, a Muslim -- Girl name with lucky number is 4 and Noor jahan Name meaning in English is Fashioned Light. Name. Noor jahan.
    Meaning: Fashioned Light, Origin: Arabic

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