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  • Bryden - BRIED-ən
    English Meaning: The name Bryden is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Bryden is: Place name in Britain.
    Meaning: A form of braden, Origin: Gaelic
  • Tatheer
    Tatheer is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Tatheer name meanings is Good, good-natured, generous, sweet, pure, chaste, good-tempered. People search this name as Tatheer.
    Meaning: Good, good-natured, Generous, Sweet, Pure, Chaste, good-tempered, Origin: Arabic
  • Tayyib
    Given Name TAYYIB. GENDER: Masculine. USAGE: Arabic. OTHER SCRIPTS: طيّب (Arabic)
    Meaning: Good, good-natured, Generous, Sweet, Pure, Chaste, good-tempered, Origin: Arabic
  • Bashair
    Bashair is a Muslim name for girls meaning Good news, good omens.
    Meaning: Good news, good omens, good tidings, Origin: Arabic
  • Saad
    Saad (Arabic: سعد, Saʿd‎‎) (also spelled Sa'ad) is a common male Arabic given name that means felicity, happiness, prosperity, success and good luck. It may be a shortened version of Sa'd al-Din, and is not to be confused with Sa'id. It is not the same as the single Arabic letter 'sad' which has no intrinsic meaning.
  • Bushra
    Bushra is an Arabic feminine given name meaning "good news or omen". Variants include the Turkish Büşra, which was among the top five names given to girls born in Turkey in the last decade.
    Meaning: Good omen, Good news, glad tidings, Face, Visage, Origin: Arabic
  • Bashaarat
    The name Basharat is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Basharat is: Good omen; Prophecy.
    Meaning: Good news, glad tidings, good omen, prophecy, Origin: Arabic
  • Iqbal
    Iqbal (Urdu: اقبال‎‎) or Eqbal (Persian: اقبال‎‎) is the Persian word for "luck". It is a common Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and South Asian name.
    Meaning: Prosperity, Good fortune, good-luck, responsiveness, Welfare, Origin: Arabic
  • Tawfiq
    Tawfik (Arabic: توفيق‎‎), or Tewfik, is an Arabic name given to males. The name is derived from the Arabic root: waaw-faa-qaaf (و-ف-ق), which means to agree or to reconcile. Tawfik translates to, "the ability or opportunity to achieve success". A spelling of "Tewfik" or "Toufic" is used more among French speakers.
    Meaning: Prosperity, Good luck, good-fortune, success, reconciliation, Origin: Arabic
  • Atika
    The meaning of the name “Atika” is: “Generous, noble”. Categories: Arabic Names, Muslim Names. Used in: Arabic speaking countries.
    Meaning: Clear, Pure, limpid of wine, of good famous, Flower, good smell, Origin: Arabic

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