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  • Jerome - jə-ROM
    Meaning & History. From the Greek name 'Ιερωνυμος (Hieronymos) meaning "sacred name", derived from 'ιερος (hieros) "sacred" and ονομα (onoma) "name". Saint Jerome was responsible for the creation of the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, in the 5th century. He is regarded as a Doctor of the Church.
    Meaning: From the greek for sacred name, Origin: Greek
  • Jerron
    The name Jerron is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Jerron is: ModernJaron 'cry of rejoicing.
    Meaning: A form of jerome
  • Jeron - JER-ən
    Jeron is an English name for boys meaning Holy. Read below for Jeron's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Jeron is the one, congratulations! If you'd like more options, try our Popular Names and Meanings.
    Meaning: A form of jerome
  • Gerome
    Gerome is an American masculine given name. The spelling Gérôme is also occasionally found for Jérôme in France, both as a surname and first name. Gerome Kamrowski (1914–2004), American artist. Gerome Ragni (1935–1991), American actor, singer and songwriter. Gerome Sapp (born 1981), American football safety.
    Meaning: A form of jerome, Origin: English
  • Jerrin
    The name Jerrin is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Jerrin is: ModernJaron 'cry of rejoicing.
    Meaning: A form of jerome, Origin: Hebrew
  • Hieronymus
    Hieronymus, in English pronounced /haɪˈrɒnɪməs/ or /həˈrɒnɪməs/, is the Latin form of the Ancient Greek name Ἱερώνυμος (Hierṓnymos), meaning "with a sacred name". It corresponds to the English given name Jerome.
    Meaning: Derived from jerome, holy name, Origin: Greek
  • Hieronim
    Polish Meaning: The name Hieronim is a Polish baby name. In Polish the meaning of the name Hieronim is: sacred'.
    Meaning: Polish form of jerome sacred, Origin: Polish
  • Virajith
    The meaning of the name Virajith is Shiny grace-as in grace your seat adorn . ... Name Virajith is a Boy name. The origin of beautiful and unique baby name Virajith is Hindu, although name Virajith along with the other Hindu baby names for Boys is popular in different regions of the world.
    Meaning: Shiny grace-as in grace your seat adorn, Origin: Hindi
  • Arula
    A-ru-la, ar-ula ] The baby boy name Arula is also used as a girl name. Its pronunciation is aa-RUW-Laa- †. Arula is largely used in the Indian language and its origin is Sanskrit. The name is of the meaning brilliant. ... Arula is an unusual baby name for boys.
    Meaning: Shining as the Sun, Brilliant, Grace, Filled with Grace, Origin: Hindi
  • Hei
    Korean meaning: The name Hei is a Korean baby name The Korean meaning of Hei is: Grace.
    Meaning: Grace, Origin: Korean

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