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  • Khurshid
    Khorshīd or Khorshēd (Persian: خورشید‎‎, meaning the Sun or the "Radiant Sun"), also spelled as Khurshed and Khurshid, is a Persian given name. In the modern day as well as historical Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, but also in Iraqi Kurdistan, Egypt, Central Asia and South Asia, it is mostly a given name for boys.
    Meaning: Sun Origin: Arabic
  • Khurshid Sawar
    Meaning: Origin: Arabic
  • Khorshed
    Khorshed. Show similar names Show variant names. Name Khorshed generally means Shining sun or Cheerful, is of Iranian (Persian), Indian origin, Name Khorshed is a Unisex name, which means both Boy and Girl can have this name.
    Meaning: MuslimVariant of KHURSHID Origin: Arabic
  • Jan e alam
    Jan E Alam is a Muslim Boy name, it is an Urdu originated name. Jan E Alam name meaning is Life of the world. and the lucky number associated with Jan E Alam is 6. ... You can find name meaning of Jan E Alam in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well.
    Meaning: Life of the world Origin: Arabic
  • Alam ara
    Meaning: The World Improving Origin: Arabic
  • Alam
    Muslim Meaning: The name Alam is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Alam is: World. Universe.
    Meaning: Universe, World Origin: Arabic
  • Alam Efroze
    Meaning: The World Illuminating Origin: Arabic
  • Shah alam
    7. 8. 9. 10 (10 is best) Shah Alam is a Muslim name for boys meaning King of the world.
    Meaning: King of the world Origin: Arabic
  • Noor ul alam
    Meaning. light. Nur (also spelled Noor, Nor, or Nour, Arabic: نور‎‎, Urdu: نور‎‎ ALA-LC: Nūr IPA: [nuːr]) is a common Arabic unisex name meaning light. An-Nur, meaning "the light" in Arabic.
    Meaning: Light of the world Origin: Arabic
  • Badiul alam
    Meaning: Unique in the world Origin: Arabic

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