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  • Usama
    Muslim Meaning: The name Usama is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Usama is: King of Jungle. Lion.
    Meaning: Description of a lion, Origin: Arabic
  • Fel
    Meaning: Lucky, Origin: Latin
  • Shehyar
    Shehryar is a Muslim baby Boy name, Shehryar name meaning is King, big Elderly and the lucky number associated with Shehryar is 5. Find all the relevant details about the Shehryar Meaning, Origin, Lucky Number and Religion from this page.
    Meaning: Lucky one, Origin: Arabic
  • Feli
    Feli - Girl's name meaning, origin, and popularity.
    Meaning: Lucky, Origin: Latin
  • Faustine
    The name Faustine is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Faustine is: Fortunate one. Feminine of Faustus.
    Meaning: Lucky, Origin: Latin
  • Mas'ood
    Masoud (also spelled Masuod, Massood, Massoud, Masood, Mas'ud, Masud, Messaoud, Mesud or Mesut, Mas'ūd, Persian: مسعود خوانده شود:مسود‎‎, Arabic: مسعود اِقرا:مَس عَود‎‎, is a given name and surname in many countries, meaning "fortunate", "prosperous", or "happy".
    Meaning: Happy, Lucky, Origin: Arabic
  • Sugirtha
    Meaning of First Name of: Sugirtha. ... Your first name of Sugirtha has made you a patient, meticulous person who enjoys working in a detailed, systematic way. You are determined and deliberate in pursuing your ambitions, but you must work at your own speed. You hate to be hurried or to leave anything unfinished or untidy.
    Meaning: Lucky, Origin: Hindi
  • Behrooz
    Behrouz, Behrooz, Behrus or bihuroz (Persian: بهروز‎) is a Persian given name, loosely meaning prosperous.
    Meaning: Lucky, Origin: Persian
  • Maddock - MAD-ək
    Maddock is a Welsh surname. Maddock is the anglicised spelling of 'Madog', which originates from the ancient Welsh male given name 'Matoc', a diminutive of 'mad' meaning 'fortunate' or 'good'.
    Meaning: Lucky one, Origin: Welsh
  • Aymaan
    Ayman (Arabic: أيمن‎, also spelled Ayemann, Aimen, Aiman or Aymen) is a male name of Arabic origin. It is derived from the Arabic Semitic root (ي م ن) for right, and literally means righteous or he who is on the right, similar to the Latin name Dexter.
    Meaning: Lucky, Origin: Arabic

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