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  • Musk
    The name Elon is Hebrew for oak tree, but the family were not Jews, and he got the name from his great grandfather John Elon Haldeman. His surname Musk is not Jewish as it originates from the French word "le mechin" which means "the younger."
    Meaning: Perfume substance from the Himalayan musk deer, Origin: Indian
  • Kastur
    Kasturi is a Muslim Girl name, it is an Urdu originated name. Kasturi is a unique name with impressive meaning. It belongs to Arabic origin.
    Meaning: Musk, Origin: Hindi
  • Misk
    According to baby-name-meanings.co.uk/2016/MISK.... it means musk and it's an Arabic name for a boy. Puss_Cat.
    Meaning: Musk, Origin: Arabic
  • Kunda
    Kunda Name Meaning. Polish: nickname from a derivative of kunda 'marten'. Polish: from a pet form of the personal name Konrad. Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant of Kunde. Indian (Gujarat): Hindu (Lohana) name of unknown meaning.
    Meaning: Musk, Jasmine, Origin: Hindi
  • Kasturi
    Kasturi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kasturi or Kasthuri (Kannada: ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ) (Telugu: కస్తూరి) (Tamil: கஸ்தூரி) may refer to: Deer musk, known as kasturi. Musk, meaning of kasturi in some Indian languages.
    Meaning: Musk, a song bird, Origin: Arabic
  • Ataba
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The ataaba (Arabic: عتابا‎, meaning "plaint" or "dirge", also transliterated 'ataba) is a traditional Arabic musical form sung at weddings or festivals, and sometimes also by people at work.
    Meaning: Piece Of Pure Musk, Origin: Hindi
  • Row
    Anglo-Saxon Meaning: The name Row is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Row is: Red haired.
    Meaning: Deer, Origin: English
  • Roe
    Roe Name Meaning. English: nickname for a timid person, from Middle English ro 'roe'; this is a midland and southern form of Ray 2. Norwegian: habitational name from any of several farmsteads named Roe or Røe, from Old Norse ruð 'clearing'. English name adopted by bearers of French Baillargeon. Korean: variant of No.
    Meaning: Roe deer, Origin: English
  • Isi - EE-si
    The name Isi is a Native American baby name. In Native American the meaning of the name Isi is: Deer.
    Meaning: Deer-like, Origin: Native American
  • Boc
    The baby name Boc of english origin means male deer. The Huggies Baby Name Finder can help you create a list of popular baby names including Boc and then let you share with family and friends. You might also consider similar names to Boc which include Bocleah.
    Meaning: Deer, Origin: English

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