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  • Malooful islam
    Meaning: Lover of Islam, Maloof (Beloved), al (the), Islam Origin: Arabic
  • Saif al din
    Meaning of name Saif-al-din. Etymology : Means "sword of the faith" from Arabic (sayf) "sword" and (din) "religion, faith".
    Meaning: Sword of the faith Origin: Arabic
  • Saif
    Muslim Meaning: The name Saif is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Saif is: Sword. Saber.
    Meaning: Sword of Religion Origin: Arabic
  • Nazir ul islam
    Meaning: Warner of Islam, Religious teacher Origin: Arabic
  • Musheerul islam
    Meaning: Advisor of Islam, Musheer Origin: Arabic
  • Zakirul islam
    Meaning: One who praises teaches Islam Origin: Arabic
  • Mutiul islam
    Meaning: Obedient, follower of Islam Origin: Arabic
  • Tajul islam
    Tajul Islam is a Muslim name for boys meaning Crown of Islam.
    Meaning: Crown of Islam Origin: Arabic
  • Izzat ul islam
    Arabic. Origin. Meaning. 'Might', 'Glory', 'Honor', 'Majesty', 'Power'
    Meaning: Honour of Islam Origin: Arabic
  • Shaikhul islam
    Imad (also transliterated as Emad, Imed and Aimad Arabic: عماد‎) is an Arabic masculine given name and surname which means "support" or "pillar".
    Meaning: Leader of Islam Origin: Arabic

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