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  • Khanakhanan
    Meaning: Sardar of warlords, Origin: Persian
  • Qershi
    Meaning: Qureshi Sardar, Origin: Arabic
  • Qutab
    Muslim Meaning: The name Qutub is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Qutub is: Pivot. Pole. Axis.
    Meaning: The elderly, Sardar Wali, Origin: Arabic
  • Khan Zadi
    Khan Zadi Name meaning. Khan Zadi is a unique name with impressive meaning. It belongs to Arabic origin. You can find name meaning of Khan Zadi in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well.
    Meaning: Sardar'S Daughter, Origin: Arabic
  • Sardaar
    Sardaar Name meaning in Urdu is سردار، سالار, a Muslim Arabic Boy name with lucky number is 6 and Sardaar Name meaning in English is Variant Of Sardar: Commander, Head.
    Meaning: Variant Of Sardar Commander, Head, Origin: Hindi
  • Sardar
    Sardar (Persian: سردار ‎‎, Persian pronunciation: [sær'dɑr]; "Commander" literally; "Headmaster"), also spelled as Sirdar, Sardaar or Serdar, is a title of nobility that was originally used to denote princes, noblemen, and other aristocrats. It has also been used to denote a chief or leader of a tribe or group.
    Meaning: Chief, noble man, officer of rank, Origin: Arabic
  • Moksin
    Meaning: Free from attachment, Seeking salvation, Liberated, Free, Origin: Hindi
  • Aoidh
    Aodh (/eɪ/; Old Irish: Áed) is an Irish and Scottish Gaelic male given name, originally meaning "fire". ... As a surname, the root or a variant may be prefixed by O, Ó, or Ui (meaning "from" or "descendant of"), Mac or Mc (meaning "son of"), or Nic (meaning "daughter of").
    Meaning: Variant of Aodh: Fire; fiery; white fire., Origin: Irish
  • Aodhgan
    The name Aodhgan is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Aodhgan is: Fire; fiery; white fire.
    Meaning: Derived from aodh, fire, fiery, white fire, Origin: Irish
  • Agnijwaala
    Meaning: One who is poignant like fire, It signifies fire, Origin: Hindi

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