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  • Shaheen
    Shaheen Family History. Shaheen Name Meaning. Muslim: from the Persian personal name Shahin, meaning 'royal white falcon'. This name is widespread in Iran and throughout the Indian subcontinent.
    Meaning: A royal white falcon the beam of scales Royal Origin: Arabic
  • Shahbaz
    The name Shahbaz is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Shahbaz is: White Falcon. King of Falcons.
    Meaning: Royal falcon, Royal, Generous, Noble Origin: Arabic
  • Vas
    The name Vas is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Vas is: royal.
    Meaning: Royal Origin: Russian
  • Kyne
    Kyne or kine is an archaic English word meaning "cows." ... However, the gaelic root of the name is O Cadhain, from the word cadhain, meaning wild goose.
    Meaning: Royal one Origin: English
  • Cynrik
    The name Cynric has a straightforward Old English etymology meaning "Kin-ruler".
    Meaning: Royal Origin: English
  • Rajavi
    Rajavi is an Iranian surname which may refer to: Kazem Rajavi – Iranian political activist in exile, brother of Massoud Rajavi.
    Meaning: Royal Origin: Hindi
  • Royal
    From the English word royal, derived (via Old French) from Latin regalis, a derivative of rex "king". It was first used as a given name in the 19th century.
    Meaning: King Origin: English
  • Vasya
    Vaska, Vasya. Meanings and history of the name Vasili: | Edit. The origin of the name Vasili is Slavic, Russian, German. Slavic - Protector, Guardian. Vasili is the Slavic form of the Greek name Basil, which has origins from the male Greek name Vassilios.
    Meaning: Royal Origin: Russian
  • Cyning
    Meaning: Royal Origin: English
  • Cynerik
    Meaning: Royal Origin: English

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