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  • Mahavira
    Means "great hero" from Sanskrit महा (maha) meaning "great" and वीर (vira) meaning "hero, man". This was the name of the 6th-century BC founder of Jainism.
    Meaning: Most valiant, Origin: Hindi
  • Valiant
    Valiant. It's a good thing Valiant means brave because your little boy is going to need quite a bit of courage to live with this name. If it's the meaning drawing you to this name, try Conrad and Everett on for size instead.
    Meaning: Brave, Origin: English
  • Valena
    Meaning: Valiant, Origin: Brazilian
  • Valerijs
    Meaning. Strong, brave (valiant), "Fierce" Region of origin.
    Meaning: Valiant, Origin: Brazilian
  • Jabarri
    The name Jabari is an Egyptian baby name. In Egyptian the meaning of the name Jabari is: Brave.
    Meaning: A valiant man, Origin: African
  • Valentiln
    Meaning: Valiant, Origin: Brazilian
  • Shoor
    Meaning: Valiant, Origin: Hindi
  • Valerik
    The name Valerik is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Valerik is: Valiant.
    Meaning: Valiant, Origin: Brazilian
  • Bailintin
    Meaning: Valiant, Origin: Irish
  • Raghallach
    Gaelic Meaning: The name Raghallach is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Raghallach is: Valiant.
    Meaning: Valiant., Origin: Gaelic

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