Beautiful and Unique Greek Names for Girls

Greek girl names are usually very classic and traditional and highly used in entire Europe and over several continents. Some of the Greek names are also being used by Muslims because of their beautiful meanings.

Some beautiful names of Greek origin are:


Sophia‘ is an enduringly popular name which is famous all around the world. Its immense popularity dates back to very old times because it was the name of the ancient goddess of wisdom of the Greeks.

Greek girl names are usually inspired from the Greek goddesses or other famous religious personalities.

Its vast popularity is also linked to the Greek Orthodox Church via St. Sophia, which holds much respect in the Greek world and the Western world.

The introduction of this beautiful Greek name into the western and European world dates back to the 19th century, and since then, it is the name largely used by celebs and common people.

‘Sofia’ is a variation of the name ‘Sophia,’ with only a change in the spelling; both these names hold much significance and have the same meanings.

‘Sofia’ spelling is vastly used in countries like Spain, Italy, and Eastern Europe and is given the significance of the ‘Sophia’ spelling.


Eliana means ‘my God has answered’ and is originated from Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origins.

Eliana is a name that specifies multi-cultural and multi-traditional roots. You might have heard this beautiful name of many celebs.


Zoey is a beautiful Greek name meaning’ life.’ Zoey is the latest version of the ancient name ‘Zoe,’ which in the Greek culture represents Eve. Other than its significance to the Greeks, this name is very much popular in the Christian world.

Two of the Christian St. Were named Zoe. Zoey is very popular and trendy among the 21st-century girls, and who wouldn’t like this wonderful name.


Arianna is a popular Greek, Italian name which means ‘very holy.’ This exotic name is written in two different versions in addition to the Arianna: with a single ‘n’ and a double ‘r.’

Arianna is a very hot choice in Italy and has become a prevalent name in other continent areas for the 20th century.


Katherine is a Greek name meaning ‘pure.’ Katherine is a very popular and all-rounder name and is well-admired by people.

Katherine is a classic, famous, saintly, and royal name. Irish people use the name ‘Kathleen,’ which is an Irish version of the name Katherine.

Katherine has been widely used in films and dramas and is used by several literary figures. Katherine is written with another spelling, ‘Catherine,’ and they have become more popular.

This beautiful name has many nicknames and short forms: Katie, Kate, Kit, Kitty, Kath, Kathy, Kay, etc.


Alexa is a minuscule form of the famous Greek name Alexandra, meaning ‘guarding men.’ This cute short Greek name is considered feminine and straightforward.

Alexa is a beautiful median of the nickname Alex and the elaborative form Alexandra.


Stephanie is a feminine Greek version of the Greek word ‘Stephan,’ meaning ‘crown’ and ‘garland.’ Both the names’ Stephan’ and ‘Stephanie’ are drawn from the Greek word Stephanos.

Stephanie has been the name of many royal females. Wearing the crown or not, they are the crown as this beautiful name means crown.

Many other names are derived from boy-names; not all stay for centuries, but Stephanie has been there for quite a long-time so far. 


Phoenix is a Greek word meaning ‘dark red’ and is widely used for both boys and girls. Phoenix represents rebirth and immortality and is admired by people.


A Greek name meaning ‘to gather’ and ‘to reap.’ Tessa is a diminutive form of the Greek word Theresa. But Tessa is much popular than the elaborative form of Theresa or shorter form Tess.

Not many people remember that Tessa is derived from Theresa because Tessa stands out alone and is liked by people.


Melanie is a Greek name that means ‘black’ or ‘dark.’ Melanie was the name used by Saints and holds respect and prestige to the people, so they name their adorable young girls after the Saints.


Anastasia is a feminine version of the Greek name Anastasios. Anastasia means ‘resurrection.’ This name is popular among Christians, and they named their daughters Anastasia, who was born in the Christmas or Easter periods.

Anastasia is a trendy name among many countries lie Britain, Russia, and Ireland. 


Maya is a name that is not limited to one origin and is derived from Greek, Spanish, and Hebrew.

It means ‘water.’ Romans believed that Maya was the ancient goddess of Earth, and Maya is considered very prestigious and respected among Romans and Greeks.

The name Maya has a very spiritual and glamorous image and has been climbing the stairs of popularity lately.


Melissa is a Greek name meaning’ honeybee.’ Melissa is considered a very sacred name in the Greek methodology as the god Zeus was fed with honey by a fairy named Melissa.

Because of the methodology, Melissa has been a very popular name in the past eighteenth century. Many literary figures are named Melissa in films and novels.


Margaret is a Greek name meaning ‘pearl.’ Such a lovely name with a meaning so precious. It is a name associated with queens and royal females.

Maggie and Meg are short names derived from Margaret, but most people want to name their beautiful daughters Margaret, the full form.


Evangeline is a unique girls’ name of Greek origin and means’ good news.’ Evangeline and Evangelina are two variations of this gorgeous name.

Evangeline is a name well-admired by directors and writers used in many famous films and novels.


Callie is a lovely name of Greek origin that means ‘beautiful.’ Its popularity is rising day by day as it is such a cute, short name for beautiful girls.


Athena is a Greek methodology name of purely Greek origin. Athena was the god Zeus’s daughter and was a goddess with many qualities, including wisdom, mathematics, courage, etc., and was well-admired than others.

Athena is a very popular name as it holds a good position in the Greek world.

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