Islamic Baby Girl Names in Quran from A to Z

There are a lot of different names coming from all different origins for your little baby girl. If you are from Tamil you would look for names from that origin, if you are Muslim you are looking for names from that specific origin.

For this article, we are going to be talking about Islamic baby girl names and see what options you can choose from. If you have recently been blessed with a baby girl, or you are going to have one soon then you can look into this list and surely choose from it. We will mention some of the best names and also names that are unique and popular.


 The first name in this list had to be unique and modern so we are talking about this name Aaidah. This beautiful name means the name of a narrator.


 Bahira is the second name that is really pretty and can surely be chosen for your little angel. This name means brilliant and renowned.


 One of the most famous names from the Islamic baby girls name has to be Barika so we had to mention it in this list. The name Barika means blooming, or successful.


 If you are looking for a name that comes with so much rarity and beauty then this name Chaalipa is for you. This name means flower and is apt for your little flower.


 If you are not concerned about the length of the name and can do with hard pronunciations then you can choose this name. Darakshan actually means a shining star.


One more name with the alphabet D that we want to suggest is Deena which is also similar to the Urdu name Adeena. The meaning of this name is a judge.


 If you are looking for a name that is Arabic but has an English touch to it then you can choose this name, Elma. The meaning of this name is a sweet fruit.


 For all the old-school people, who love to be in the old times, the name fahmida would be just perfect. It means educated or learned.


 Falaq is one name that is our personal favorite and the name we would want to add to this list. The meaning of this cute name is a break of dawn or sky.


 Next name that we are mentioning is again very unique and modern. Yes, we are talking about the name Ghaydaa. This name means someone who is delicate and young.


Halima is a name that surely has a good Islamic association attached to it so people love choosing this name when it comes to Islamic baby girl names. the meaning of this name is gentle and patient.


With the alphabet H we would like to mention the name Hadeeqa also written as Hadiqa. This name means gorgeous. Just the right name for your gorgeous kiddo. Also, if you are looking for more such names then you can see beautiful and unique Greek names for girls.


 If you are somebody who likes to choose names for your kid that are small yet beautiful then this name can be your best choice. Iba means someone with high status and superb.


Jahanara again is one name that is a bit old but you can choose it because it is still as graceful as anything. This name means to live.


 This name Kamilah comes from the Holy Quran for your little baby girl and nothing can be better than this. The name Kamilah means flawless.


With the alphabet L we have chosen one of the most beautiful names i.e. Lamiah. It is also very unique and trendy. The name Lamiah means to shine.


The name Maha is one name that is being used a lot because of short yet beautiful it is. The name Maha means moon.


Naina is a name not only among Arabs but is also famous among Hindus. This name is used in their movies too. The name Naina means eyes.


The next name that again needs to be mentioned in this list is Orah. We are sure you must not have heard about this name before. The name Orah means light. The name for the light of your life.


Pariwish again is one Arabic name that has so many fans because of its meaning and its beauty. The name Pariwish means someone who is fairy faced.


The name that we decided to choose for you with the letter Q is Qaniah. This unique name means contended. Can surely be chosen for your baby.


 Rabeea again is a name that is very popular among the Muslim community. People really prefer choosing this name. The name Rabeea means garden or springtime


Sabeen is one of the most beautiful names from the list of Islamic baby girl names and can go for your little one. This name means a breeze of morning.


You might have thought this name Talah only exists for boys but that is not true because it also comes for baby girls too. The name Talah means young palm tree.


Ujala again is an old name but it is really famous and popular among Pakistan Muslims. The name also speaks for its meaning. The name Ujala means light or sunshine.  


 Veena is the name that we choose to discuss for alphabet V. the name Veena means a musical instrument.


With the alphabet W we are going to discuss the name Warisha. The name Warisha also comes from Quran. The name Warisha means lightning. If you are looking for baby boy names like this then you can look for what are some modern Arabic Muslim baby boy names from A to Z.


The second last name in this list that we would like to mention is the name Yasmin. It comes from the flower Jasmine and that is what it means; Jasmine flower.


 The last name in this list that we would like to talk about is Zaina. This name comes from Arabic origin again and it means traveler.

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