Some Disney Princess Names That You Can Choose For Your Baby Girl

When it comes to naming the babies after their birth, parents are often confused about what they can choose for them and what would be the right name to be given to their kid.

Some Disney Princess Names That You Can Choose For Your Baby Girl

As we have mentioned earlier that names are something that should not be taken carelessly or should not be ignored because it is going to go with the person lifelong.

The names are thought to be one of the most important things in your life so it should always be thought of more than once.

If you are looking for some more name suggestions, you can look for the top 100 baby names and you will be able to find some really good names there.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the cutest Disney princess names that you can choose for your baby girl that she will love when she will grow up for sure.


The first name that we want to mention in this article is an extremely cute Disney princess who is our childhood favorite and that we have always loved to watch.

The name of this princess is Ariel which is very cute and also a very funny princess. This princess was present as a mermaid in a mermaid movie.

This name comes from Hebrew origin and this name is also pretty popular in Israel but it was also mentioned quite a few times in the bible.

The meaning of this very cute Disney princess name is the lion of the God. This meaning and this name have a lot of connection with how the princess acted in the movie.


Now we would like to talk about everyone’s childhood favorite and a princess that everyone looked up to when they were growing up because every girl could somehow relate to this beautiful and extremely elegant princess.

Yes, we are talking about none other than the most loved and most appreciated princess Cinderella. The story of her love might be unrealistic somewhere but her nature and her attitude towards everything were very much right.

The meaning of this very nice Disney princess name is of the ashes. This name comes from a French background and if you are looking for some more French names then you can check for the 20+ cute French names that are popular in 2021


The next princess that we are about to mention was again everyone’s childhood favorite and she was a really cute and really loving princess who made our childhood pretty amazing too.

This time we are talking about the princess named Jasmine. We all know that the name Jasmine is of a very pretty flower and that is where this princess’ name came from.

This name comes from the Arabic and Persian background and it was given to the princess because the movie was somewhat from the Arabic and Persian background too.


There have always been some movies again that were not as popular as the others but they also made sense to most of us as a kid and we actually liked them too much.

We are talking about the not-so-popular movie princess named Esmeralda. Even though this movie did not get as much fame as others but it still was thought to be one of the bests.

The name Esmeralda came from the English word emerald. Emerald is a stone that is green in color and is very pretty.

We might have mentioned this already but Disney always has a connection between the princess and her name. The princess in this movie had green eyes that is why the name Esmeralda.


The next princess name that we are going to talk about is Megara which comes from the movie Hercules. The character of this princess was very interesting and that is why she was loved by a lot of people.

The Disney princess name Megara comes from Greek origin and in this language the meaning of this name is Fury.

This princess Megara was known for her smartness and her extremely amazing sense of style. Her name again made very much sense cause the movie was somewhat related to Greek mythology.

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The next Disney princess is again one of the most famous princesses’ and is also loved by so many people all around the world.

Mulan is known to be very unique because this Disney princess was different from other Disney princesses because she had her own style.

Princess Mulan means is wood orchid which is pretty suitable for her character because she had a very strong character and she was known for her bravery and her boldness.


The next princess is again one of the most loved princesses all around the world and she was adored by everyone who has watched her.

This is the princess who had a very different character and she was known for her unbelievable beauty and also because of her playful nature.

The meaning of this name Jane is a gift from God. This is the name that is thought to be the female variant of the male name John.


The last Disney princess name that we are going to mention in this article is again a very cute and a very loved character whose name was the belle.

Princess Belle is known to be one of the cutest Disney princesses and the meaning of this very cute name is beautiful. Because of her character and her beauty her name was pretty suitable.

Belle means beautiful in different languages and in the Hungarian language means intelligent. The origin of the name Belle is French.

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