Trendy Scottish Baby Names with Their Origins

When you hold your baby in your arms the first time you know that there is nothing better than that feeling and there are so many things that come with it.

You start to think about a lot of things related to the kid, and one of them is always the name of the kid or something close to that.

Trendy Scottish Baby Names with Their Origins

Naming your kid is one of the biggest responsibilities and you need to deal with it very carefully. You should always search for different places like the top 100 baby names so that you get to find the best.

You can also look for the names of your own origin or the place where you live, or the religion that you belong to and you can also look for something related to your culture.

These are some of the things that you can easily find on the internet and then choose the name of your kid according to that.

In this article, we are going to give you some really cute, and trendy name suggestions for your kid and the names will come from the Scottish background today.

So, we will just get started with the names.

Girl Names:

We will start the list of the names with some trendy girl names.

Davina: First and one of the cutest names that need to be mentioned in this list is this name Davina, which you can say is also one of our personal favorite names too.

Meaning: The meaning of this beautiful name Davina is small deer, and if you think your daughter is also small and cute then you can definitely go for this name.

Origin: The origin of this name is Davina Scottish and along with that the other background of this name is Hebrew. You can choose this name if you are also from the mentioned background.

Aileen: The next name that we are going to mention in this list is the name, Aileen. This is one of the most trendy Scottish baby girl names and is also very popular.

Meaning: The meaning of this beautiful name Aileen is light from the meadows, and it also means shining or bright.

Origin: The name as it states belongs to a Scottish origin but not just that but the origin of this name also comes from Irish. You can also look for other Irish names by searching cute and modern Irish baby names.

Bonnie: The next very cute and very attractive name that is also very popular is the name bonnie and it is thought to be one of the most popular names in the Scottish people.

Meaning: The meaning of this beautiful name Bonnie is charming, and not only that but it also means good and beautiful.

Origin: The origin of this name is very much Scottish. There are a lot of famous people with this name as well.

Fiona: Fiona is the other very attractive Scottish name and is also considered to be one of the trendiest names not in just Scottish people, but it has been popular in the US also for a very long time after the ’90s.

Meaning: The meaning of this lovely Scottish name is feminine and fair, and we think that it is a pretty suitable name for your little angel, so you can definitely choose this name for her.

Origin: This name does not have one origin, but it comes from three different origins that are Gaelic, Irish, and Scottish. This is also a pretty interesting thing about this very beautiful name.

Boy Names:

We have now discussed some of the cutest baby girl names, so after that come the boy names. You can also search for the top 10 Scottish boy names.

We will now get to know about some cute boy names.

Clyde: Now, when we talk about the Scottish boy names, we would love to mention the first name also one of the most popular names that are Clyde.

Meaning: The meaning of this very cute and also very famous baby boy name Clyde is a river. The meaning we think is also very cute.

Origin: The origin of this name is Scottish alone. This is also common in celebrities which again is one reason for its fame.

Fraser: The second baby boy name for Scottish people is the name, Fraser. This again is a very nice Scottish name and we think with being nice it is also a very manly name that you can choose for your kid.

Meaning: The meaning of this name is also quite different from the usual names and it is of the forest man. This name also comes with alternative spellings that are Frasier and Frazier.

Origin: The origin again, like most of the names in this list is Scottish.

Cameron: This is the name that is slightly different from the other Scottish names because this name is neither a boy name nor a girl name rather it is a gender-neutral name. if you are looking for gender-neutral names then you can search for what are some gender-neutral names?

Meaning: The meaning of this very popular name is the crooked river. If you are not somebody who cares about the meanings of the names, then you definitely choose this name.

Origin: The origin of this name like other names is again Scottish.

Stewart: Just like the first name of this list, we would like to keep the last name also our favorite one and that name is Stewart. This is also thought to be a very popular name among the Scottish people and is also very cute.

Meaning: The meaning of this name Stewart is steward, and the second meaning of this name is castle guard, which according to us is also very cute.

Origin: The origin of this lovely Scottish baby boy name is not one rather it comes from two different origins that are Scottish and English.

You can choose any name from the above-mentioned names if you want.

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