Best 50+ unique and modern Arabic male names in 2020

Arabic boy names are very exotic and original. If you are thinking about giving your child an Arabic name. You cannot miss this complete list of the 50+ most popular Arabic names for children and their meaning. Which one do you prefer?

Deciding to choose the baby’s name is a more complicated task than it seems. Dad and mom may not agree on the names they like, have many options, doubt about a specific name.  Nothing happens. If you are searching for the Arabic male names, then you are in the right place. In this post,  we will be giving 50+ names and their meaning as well. Are you ready? Let’s get started.    



50+ trendy Arabic male names in 2020


Naming your child is an essential, magical act; we will decide what a new baby will be called that comes into the world. Here you can find a list of Arabic names for children. We present the complete Arabic name search engine. The Arabic proper names of people of Muslim origin and their respective sources and meanings. Traditional Arabic names for boys. Here are the 50+ Arabic boys name:


  • Aban: Old Arabic name.
  • Abbas: Refers to a lion.
  • Abdul, Abdel: Means “servant.”
  • Adel: Just an honest man.
  • Alim: Man, who learns fast.
  • Amid: It means “general.”
  • Asim: Name that means “protector”, “defender”.
  • Ayham: Brave and courageous man.
  • Badi: Literally, it means “wonderful.”
  • Bahij: Joyful and happy man.
  • Basim, Bassam: Man who smiles at life.
  • Bay has:  Name related to a lion.
  • Dabir: It means “secretary”.
  • Dirar: Old Arabic name.
  • Diya: Name with a meaning related to light and brightness.
  • Fadi: Literally, it means “savior.”
  • Fadil: Generous, honorable man, considered superior.
  • Falah: Man of great success in what he sets out to do.
  • Fatin, Fateen: Elegant and intelligent man.
  • Gamal, Gamali: Means “camel.”
  • Ghaith, Ghayth: Nice name that means “rain”.
  • Ghali: Valuable man, dear, and very loved.
  • Ghiyath: Protective man, who helps those who need it.
  • Habib: Affable, laudable, and loved man.
  • Habib: Literally, it means “loved.”
  • Hadad: Refers to the god of fertility.
  • Halim: Loving, delicate and patient man.
  • Hamal: It means “lamb.”
  • Hashim: Name that refers to a manned destroyer of evil.
  • Hassan: It means “handsome”, “beautiful”.
  • Hatim: Literally, it means “judge.”
  • Hudad: Name of a pre-Islamic Arab king.
  • Husain, Huseyin, Hussein: Name that refers to a descendant of the Prophet, and that means “beautiful”.
  • Ibrahim: It refers to the name of a prophet and means “father of a multitude”.
  • Idris: Related to the name of a prophet.
  • Imran:  Refers to the name of a prophet and means “long life”.
  • Isam: Literally, it means “safeguard.”
  • Ishaq:  Related to the name of a prophet.
  • Jabalah: Literally, it means “mountain”, “hill”.
  • Jabir: It means “he who knows how to comfort”.
  • Jafar: Name of beautiful meaning; “nice stream”.
  • Jalal: It means “glory.”
  • Jasim: Related to a big, huge man.
  • Jaul: Literally, it means “choice.”
  • Kadar, Kedar: Name that is related to a powerful man.
  • Kahil: Friendly and dear man.
  • Kaliq: Name that means “creative,” and that refers to a quality of God.
  • Kamal: Attractive and perfect man.
  • Kasib, Kaseeb: Literally, it means “fertile.”
  • Kaseem, Kasim: It means “divided.”
  • Kateb, Katib: Refers to the art of writing.
  • Kazim: A man of good character, patient, and calm.
  • Khalid, Khaled: Name of beautiful meaning; “eternal.”
  • Mahir: Honorable and brave man.
  • Mahjub: It means “hidden”, “veiled”.
  • Marid: Literally, it means “rebel.”
  • Mashhur: Name that means “famous”, “known”.
  • Misbah: Refers to a lamb.
  • Mishaal: It means “torch”, “light”.
  • Miyaz: Distinguished man, the preferred one.
  • Mubin: Literally, it means “clear” and “obvious.”
  • Mudar: Name related to an Arab tribe, and that refers to the Prophet’s great-grandfather.
  • Muhammad, Mohammed: Name of different meanings; “praised”, “worthy of praise”, “the name of the Prophet.”
  • Muslim: Refers to presenting oneself to God.
  • Mustafa: It means “the chosen one” and refers to one of the Prophet’s names.



What should keep our mind before choosing an Arabic name?  

When choosing a name for the baby, each family will have their priorities.  Perhaps what you are looking for are names of Arabic origin for the baby, and we are talking about it today, with a list of almost one hundred Arab boy and girl names, with their meaning. The truth is that the Arab tradition in Spain is extensive, and this can be seen in the vast vocabulary of Arabic etymology.  But what anthroponyms or person names are of Arab origin, and how are they transcribed into Spanish?  We will see that some more well-known and others sound little to us, but most very suggestive and with precious meaning or with an exceptional sound.

What do you think about betting on them?

However, one of the most important towns in the history of Spain has been Arab.  For no more and no less than 800 years, the country was part of the Muslim Empire.  Also, thanks to the significant number of Moroccans residing in Spain, the names of Arab children, live a new era of splendor.

The value of the names of Arab children

In addition to being very exotic, the names from the Arabic language have exciting meanings, related to bravery, strength, and honor. It might not seem like it, the meaning of names is essential for both parents and children to like it, since knowing that your name refers to value always helps to compensate that you may not like it too much.




The important thing is to find a name that suits both members of the couple. For this, you don’t need to limit yourself to the names . From this post, you can select a arabic male names :  from well-known names to names always rare and original children names. Have you thought about the idea of choosing a name in Arabic as a child? It is a very first option! In case you dare, we offer you a  list with 50+ Arabic names of children with their meanings.  In this post you were get 50+ unique names. I hope you will get your desired name.  

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