Arabic Names That Start With Z

We know that when it comes to naming people are often scared and a little too cautious because they want to name their kids with something that is not just unique but also contains an amazing meaning.


Arabic Names That Start With Z

Well, as it should be, a name is one of the most important things to have in a kid’s personality because it does not matter if you believe it or not but names do have a lot of impact on them.

When it comes to naming, Arabs have a hard time deciding a name because there are too many options that seem to be great and they have to choose only one.

If you are also from the same background you can look for the top 100 Muslim names and you can choose the name that you want to choose.

In this article, we will look for some modern Arabic names that start with Z, that you can choose for your children and name them. We will also mention the meanings of these names to make it easy for you.

Boy Names That Start With Z:


The first amazing Arabic name that starts with Z that you can choose for your baby boy is Zaafir. Zaafir is a modern Arabic name that means victorious and is very appropriate for you to give it to your son.

Everybody wants their kids to be victorious throughout their life no matter how big or small the victory is, so why not give them a name that just means the same.


The next appealing Arabic name is Zabir which we think is a name that does not only sound good and is easy to pronounce but that also has a great meaning. The meaning of this name is the person who is religious.

If you believe in the fact that names do have an effect on the personality of your kid and they matter in one way or the other then you can choose this name because it will have a great impact on your kid.


The next name that will be one of the most attractive Muslim names is Zahhaak. Well, as it clearly shows, this is also one of the rarest names and we are sure you must not have heard about it before.

The meaning of this name is a person who laughs the most and what is better than having a kid who is jolly and also has a jolly Arabic name. Is not it the best combination? So, yes you can choose this name for your kid.

You can also look for what are the most common Arab names if you want to look for a broader category for choosing a name for your kid.


If you are looking for a meaningful Arabic name that you think will have a strong impact on your kid then you can choose this name for your son.

The meaning of this name is Lion, as well as the king of the jungle and we think that is exactly what every parent wants for his or her kid; to be the kind of wherever place they go to.


If you are looking for an Islam-related Arabic name, then you can choose this name for your son. Zakariya was the name of one of the Prophet’s and it will definitely sound great if you will choose this.

It is easier for you to choose this name because you will not have to worry about anything related to this name because it directly comes from Islam.


When the kid is born, his parents want him to be one of the strongest and bravest men on Earth because that is how the parents are made. They always want to see their kid defeating everything in life.

The good part about it is you can even name your kid with that. This is an amazing Arabic name that means brave and what else do you want? Your kid will not only be able to deal with all the things in life, but he will also have a name related to that.

Girl Names:

Just like boys it is important for you to choose names that are meaningful and as they are for girls and you are Arabic then you should definitely look for cute Arabic names for girls or you can search the top 10 Arabic girl names for your daughter.

Now, let’s know together about some names that start with Z that you can use for your baby girl.


The first name that we will really want you to have on your priority list if you have a baby girl is Zaahira. This is a rare Arabic name that means brilliant, shinning, and bright.

This is a name that is not just unique but it also has a good meaning so it can go well with your daughter’s personality and you can choose it for the correct meaning.


Another new Arabic name that you will see in this list for your daughter is Zaain. We are sure you must have not heard about this name before because it is actually very unique.

The meaning of Zaain is beauty and you can choose this name because of both its meaning and its uniqueness because that is exactly what every parent demands of their kids.

If you want an Islamic name you can look for the criterion of selecting names in Islam and then choose the name according to that.


The last precious Arabic name that we would like to mention in this list that you can choose for your baby girl is Zareen.

Zareen is a common Arabic name but that is because it is one of the most beautiful Arabic names and it also has a very nice meaning, so people choose this name for their daughter.

The meaning of this name is smile, or also full of expressions. You can choose this name because it does not go against Islam and is also very meaningful.


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