International Children’s Day and International Girl Child Day

We used to celebrate different days throughout the year to show the importance of different events. International Children’s Day and International Girl Child Day are among them.

International children day

Although we believe, every day in the whole year should be celebrated as International Children’s Day. Don’t you think so? Same as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Christmas Day: just imagine if we could keep that spirit all year round. Elaboration for both of them is as follows:

International Children’s Day

The official celebration of International Children’s Day was decided on 1st June 1925 at a conference about children in Geneva, Switzerland. It was decided and announced there that 20th Nov will be celebrated as Children’s Day worldwide. This day urges children to think and have feelings about other children in the world regardless of the fact from which category they belong. All children celebrate it with different methods according to their countries and ethnic beliefs. “What Are The Responsibilities Of A Mother To Her Child?” will be worth reading here.

What Does the LOGO Signify?

Let us discuss the logo for International Children’s Day. The green background of its logo symbolizes growing up, living together, and freshness. The different colored figures represent the diversity and tolerance that children will be able to bring to the world. The figures form a star which represents light and pops the five points of the star are the five continents.

UNICEF: Children Protector

UNICEF is an organization that also works all over the world to protect children’s rights. i.e. education, a healthy life, food, water, and protection. Children suffer the most in wars. Many children are separated from their parents because their families are sick or poor and many do not go to school. International Children’s Day is a day to help with this situation too.

International Girl Child Day

international day girl child

October 11th is celebrated as the International Day of the Girl Child to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to declare October 11th as the International Day of the Girl Child. You can also read Top 100 Sweet Baby Girl Names with Meaning.

What Does It Signify?

The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on promoting girls’ empowerment and the Fulfillment of their human rights. Girls are coming forward in every field and setting new records in sports, education, economy, and almost all other fields previously considered only for men. As active participants in all aspects of life, girls are creating a world that is relevant for them and future generations.

The Aims and Objectives of Girl Child Day

From October 2023 to October 2024 UNICEF and government and Civil Society Partners collectively call for Global stakeholders to:

  1. Center girls in the protection and promotion of Rights.
  2. Recognize, celebrate, and support Girls’ Leadership.
  3. Introduce and scale up multi-sectoral programs that support adolescent girls’ well-being.
  4. Ensure information, services, and systems are meaningfully changed to be adolescent-girl-friendly.
  5. Make structural changes to scale up funding for girls.

Girls Can Be Change Makers

The world’s 600 million adults and girls have shown time and given the skills and the opportunities, they can be the change makers driving progress in their communities, building back stronger for all including women, boys, and men. Girls are ready for a decade of exhalation forward. This topic might catch your attention: Most Unique Baby Girl Names in the World. Now it is our duty, the duty of society, and the duty of every person in this world to promote girls and bring forth their leadership and other opportunities in front of the world.


Days are celebrated that if we forget the importance of anything, this can revive into our minds, the memory and obligations of the day. We can’t celebrate any day with its letter and spirit if we do not know its purpose. This introduction of International Children’s Day and International Girl Child Day will help the reader fully understand its purpose and motto.

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