Children’s Rights Along With Human Rights in Europe

Human rights were defined by the UN, whereas the world leaders considered it insufficient for children. Whenever we talk about war or any other natural or man-made disaster, the children are the first sufferers of it.

When the European countries came together and established the European Union, they also adopted children’s rights along with human rights. This thing also shows the priority and importance of children not only in the eyes of the European Union but also in the world’s perception.

Always Right With Child Rights
Always Right With Child Rights

Definition of a Child

Every child under eighteen years will come in the definition of a child in the eyes of the law. Parents are responsible, with the full support of the Government, for the upbringing of children. This responsibility shifts to the shoulders of a guardian if there are no parents. Here you might be interested in reading 50 Best Meaningful Christian Baby Girl and Boy Names.

Responsibilities of Government

In many European countries, governments take full responsibility for any child from the very first day till its adolescence. Parents are also provided extra facilities for having a child. In developed countries, children are considered of the utmost value, and their education, nutrition, and health are heavily funded.

The following words were spoken by the commission coordinator for the rights of the children when she was explaining the children’s rights herself. She said that within the European Commission, her task is to make sure that the European Union gives a big place to the rights of the child and that when designing policies, they ensure this will also help the children.

children rights

Respect for Children’s Views

Therefore, it means that in developing policies, we have to listen to the children, to their challenges, to their needs, and then to develop the policy in that sense and not the other way around of thinking what is good for children. The children are the best place to say, what is good for them. However, this is truly a game changer in the conception and mindset of how to deal with children.

How to Make Children’s Rights a Reality

Then indeed all the question is how to make that a reality. So that is exactly why the EU has put forward a plan of its own to ensure the implementation of children’s rights. The key objective is really to make the rights of the child a reality. International Children’s Day and International Girl Child Day will also catch your attention here.

Main Three Points of Policy

The first point is really to put the child at the center to listen to the child, to be sure that the children have the possibility to participate in the democratic life in making their views heard.
The second point is about thinking of the child in his or her environment, meaning that, it has the social possibility of getting included. Schooling and good health facilities must be within his reach.
The third point is that the child is protected from any kind of violence.
Should it be online or offline? It is also about adapting, for instance, the justice system to the needs of the children. It is about to consider that the child is now in a new environment, a digital environment.

No Discrimination

When talking about children, we are talking about almost 20% of the people in Europe. That’s why we have put forward the European child guarantee, meaning that there is a commitment, for children to go freely to school, to have one meal a day to have access to health, including mental health, with a specific focus on the poor children. There is also a strong inclination that there must not be any child labor all over Europe.

Sharing Thoughts Freely

It’s also to see at the EU level how we could also help, give funding, and exchange policies between the member states. And for all of this, the adults must understand that the children have to be heard. And this is the case at the local level.

Children’s Involvement

This is the case in many city councils where the government invites children and asks them to take the floor and have their child city council, for instance. And it’s just amazing the energy and the willingness to change the world, to see how concrete they are. They are talking about school; they are talking about children who are living in different countries. They are talking about children who might be exposed to violence online. They are talking about children in Ukraine. Top 25 Unique Christian Baby Boy Names will be worth reading here. So there is a huge curiosity and a willingness to make the life of everyone around them and of themselves better. So it is a global challenge.


In all forty countries of Europe, children have the same rights regardless of religion, cost, color, or creed. Other regions of the world must follow the example of the European Union as they are successfully running a children’s council that is free in decision-making and offering recommendations for their betterment. Furthermore, Europe has provided them with a violent free, and equal society to live in, therefore children in Europe are far happier, safer, and productive.

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