Is Venus A Girl Or Boy Name?

Names are considered as important feature of a person. Usually people think of a person by his/her name. It is a common notion that people are thought to be believed as depiction of their names. While naming a person, parents consider this fact very important that they must give them a beautiful name so that the child’s personality become a perfect epitome of his/her name. So names are actually defining the entire persona of any person. Also there is a tradition of putting family name along with the name of a child. Family name brings more honor to a child’s name. Usually it has been observed that royal families have a long names following the royal culture so royal families have a distinct culture as compared to other families. But one thing is sure that names are of great significance in every family.

Is Venus A Girl Or Boy Name?

When a baby is born, parents start searching for giving them names and it is been observed that often they spends months searching for it before even the birth of a child. If you are a parent, then it is very important to give your child a beautiful name because it is the name that your child will carry throughout his/her life.
Research suggests that Venus is a girl name as from 1880 onwards, Venus is used a girl name. If we talk about the origin of the name, Venus is a name of Latin origin. Roman people think of Venus as an artistic name that means mother of the Roman people. Venus name is usually linked with the goddess. The words that use to be associated with the Venus are beauty, peace, love, prosperity and victory. Venus name holds central importance in roman religious festivals. It is common in myth in Roman people that Venus is a goddess that has link with Roman people through her son. So Roman people are of the view that Venus belong to the ancestors.
It is been observed that Venus is painted by many artists of Rome in their painting. Paintings are made as a symbol of goddess. There many paintings that are names as a goddess that include Venus Aciduria, Venus Caelestis, Venus Calva, Venus Cloacina, Venus Erycina, Venus Frutis, Venus Felix, Venus Genetrix, Venus Heliopolitana, Venus Libertina, Venus Murcia, Venus Obsequens, Venus Physica, Venus Urania, Venus Victrix and many more. As Venus is considered as a girl name, you can search other Latin names for a boy by typing Top 100 Latin Boy Names.
If you believe that names do hold importance in person’s life and you are meticulous in choosing it then you can conveniently search the top 100 baby names on Google. You will be given with a set of beautiful names that you choose for your child.
As Venus name is originated from a Latin origin so for relating this name you can also search out the Top 10 Latin Girl Names to have a list of some wonderful names that are most common in Germany.
You can search out the Top 15+ Christian Baby Names if you are looking for the names matching the Venus. Many notable and prominent public figures have the name Venus as their identity mark. Often this name was used in many novels and fiction series.
Many parents feel pressure while giving names to their children because it is once in a lifetime decision. Here we shall discuss a few of the tips in order to release your stress that you may follow in order to have a healthy relationship with your child when he or she grow up.
It is necessary to pay close to attention to words that you speak about your child. Make a list of the words that you continuously utter while calling your child. Evaluate all those words and assess that whether these words are positive or negative because words have great impact on any person. If words are positive then they will definitely leave a positive impact on a child and vice versa.
Discard all the negative words that you speak to your child. It is recommended to pay close attention to the behavior of your child and polish their strengths by appreciating their good points. Mostly children are messy while doing any creative or artistic work but it depends on parents how they take this messiness. When a child comes to you with his/her art work, do not discourage them by saying the messy. Instead appreciate them for bringing such a creative art work. In this way keep highlighting their positive attitudes and do not discourage them by saying bad or negative words.
It is a great encouragement for a child to give them freedom of picking their own name. It will help them to be themselves in their life. Ask them to pick the names that suit their personality traits.
So this all means that words are so important and they leave a lasting impact on a person’s life. Do not take them for granted but carefully choose the names of your child. It is in fact a great duty on part of parents to pick the good names of their children. If you are a resident of US then you may search Top 10 American Girls Names in order to have a list of names popular in US.


It is recommended to first inquire that whether the name you are intending to give your child is a boy or a girl name. It is concluded that names leave a great impact on a person’s life. Parents must show concentration and commitment while giving the names to their children. Apart from social perspective, every religion in world emphasizes on giving names. As Avery name has a great historical origin and background, so you ca get various names like Venus by searching the related concepts. Do not rush while giving names. Instead first search about the origin, meaning and background of a name. After confirmation, give a final name to your baby boy or girl.

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