Latest Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meaning and Origin

Names are a form of emotional connection, an identity, or a memory to connect. It is essential to know that giving names is a tradition, but giving meaningful names adds more value to this tradition. It is an ongoing debate that names hold an impact, and it could be either negative or positive. In short, giving names is not just a human responsibility, but also an essential decision to make. In this era of the internet, nothing is impossible and so is finding a name. When you search for the latest baby girl names, you see a list of names of different origins, meanings, and cultures. Some are associated with the Christian community, some with Muslims, and like this, all the names that appear on the search bar have some sort of connection. So, to find a suitable connection, read different names, their origin and understand their meanings. It helps you find a beautiful name for your newborn.

If you are looking for the latest baby girl names for your Muslim baby girl, read this article. In this particular article, we would help you find a Muslim baby girl name for your newly born bundle of joy. 

Here is a list of the latest baby girl names for Muslim community parents


Layla is a beautiful name and so is its meaning. The word Layla is an Arabic word, and its meaning in Arabic is night. If you go deeper the origin is Arabic, and in Arabic, the meaning of words is beyond the surface. They are deep and have a significant presence. Layla depicts the beauty of night, and poets use this word in poetry as a symbol of beauty and peace.


The name Noor is also written as Nour. It is a Muslim name with Arabic roots. The meaning of Noor is Radiance or light, it is one of the attributes of Allah Almighty. Noor is the guidance of Allah, and in Islamic tradition people consider it as a divine light or a guidance that leads to the right track.


Hafsa is a beautiful Muslim name and is also very common. The origin of Hafsa is Arabic, and it refers to a gathering or young lioness. It was the name of a noble and notable famous lady in the history of Islam. She was the daughter of the Second Caliph, and people give this name to their daughters to pay tribute to her. 


Rania is an Arabic word, and the meaning of this Arabic name is someone who is like a Queen or a Sovereign. It depicts royalness and is a powerful name in terms of meaning and pronunciation. Rania is a lady with leadership qualities or someone capable of ruling. You can also look for appealing Muslim girl names that start with R.


Alina is a pleasant name with a beautiful meaning. It has multiple origins and the most common are Arabic, Germanic, and Slavic. Alins represents Illustration, dignity, and nobility. It is a beautiful name with positive vibes and energy connected.


Samira is a widely used feminine name in the Muslim community. There are two known origins of the name Samira, one is Arabic and the other is Sanskrit. The meaning of Samira in Arabic is a companion in evening talk and gentle wind in Sanskrit origin. It is a name that gives out pleasant energy or conveys qualities of nature.


Yasmin is a beautiful name with Arabic and Persian origins. It is a name that carries a fragrant presence because it refers to the sweet-scented flower Jasmine. Like Jasmine, the name carries uniqueness, beauty, grace, and elegance. It also represents purity, and parents love to give this beautiful name to their daughters.


Lamya is a unique Muslim name, and it holds a beautiful significance. The true origin of Lamya is Arabic, and it means radiance, shine, or someone with inner beauty. Lamya is a name that represents the inner goodness, or the beautiful shine people hold in their hearts. It is derived from the word Lamia meaning glow or radiance. 


Inaya means care or concern, and it defines a person who is under the protection of divine power. It is a beautiful Muslim baby girl’s name of Arabic origin. It holds a positive impact and significance to express the idea that someone who is Inaya is under the care of Allah. Muslims love these beautiful names because they believe daughters are blessings and are protected by Allah.


Maha is a popular feminine name and has two origins. In Arabic, the meaning of Maha is Gazelle or a wild cow, and in Sanskrit origin, Maha means Mighty or Great. Maha is a short and simple Muslim name, and people connect this name with the Charm of Gazelle. It also holds the significance of strength, grace, and ability.


Amal is a cute and beautiful baby girl’s name. It is nowadays very popular among Muslims, because of its uniqueness, meaning, and positive significance. The word Amal means hope and it has both Hebrew and Arabic origins. In Arabic, it refers to aspiration or belief in a better and brighter future. It is a source of inspiration and gives you an uplifting energy to see life differently and positively. You can also look for top 50 cute baby girl names in 2022.


Amina is a beautiful name and it holds religious importance for Muslims. Amina Bint Wahb was the mother of the last Prophet of Allah and has noble character and strong faith among other females of that time. It is an Arabic word, and the meaning of Amina is trustworthy or someone with qualities like reliability, honesty, and devotion. 


Asma is an Arabic name, and it is derived from the word Ism. The meaning of Asma is Excellent, lofty and it has an association with 99 names of Allah. It is a beautiful name with a soft melody and also carries a sense of reverence and spirituality with it. It holds positive connotations and is a popular name among Muslims. 


All the Muslim baby girl names are different from each other in meaning, but one thing that makes them unique is their connection with Islam, religious books, and people who played a significant role in Islamic history.

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