Origin and Significance of Japanese Names

In Japan, China, and Korea, the name of the person is followed by the name of his family.

An individual whose name is “Ichiro” and his family name are “Suzuki” is, will be called Suzuki Ichiro.

Origin and Significance of Japanese Names

First Names:

The first name in Japanese comprises of two kanji. The implications of those kanji are the specific attributes for example understanding, magnificence, light, and love.

Since many kanji have blurry pronunciations, the first names that are articulated are somehow similar and are not composed with the corresponding kanji.

For example, there are about five separate forms for the female first name known as Yoko, that is completely dependent on the kanji “Yo”. If you belong to a Chinese family you can look for the top 10 Japanese girls’ names anywhere on Google.

Family Names:

As we have said earlier the Japanese names consist of two different kanji. A significant number of the kanji is implicated and that are used in the names of the families are recognized with nature and areas, for example, they look for different words like mountain, rice field, tree, island, town connect, between, underneath, and so on.

When we talk about the most documented Japanese family names then these are Sato, Suzuki, Takahashi, Watanabe, and Tanaka.

In some conditions, the gender or the sex of the person can easily be understood by the completion of his or her first name. When we talk about the male first names then the names that are finished with – ro, – shi, – ya, or – o are most certainly the male names, while those names that are ending with – ko, – mi, – e and – yo are the names that are commonly used for the female first names. You can search for the top 10 Japanese boys’ names if you are looking for some good Japanese names.


Just like other foreign countries the Japanese also call their people with the last names. Only those people who are close to each other call each other with their first names.

Sometimes people also call each other just by their names, sometimes they also add the title to the name of the person too. There are a lot of titles that are given to people depending upon their gender and what role do they play in society.

The most common titles that are used are:


When we talk about the title that holds the most important then it would definitely be this title.


This is just another form of the san that is used for the people or clients, in the well-mannered and very easygoing setting.


This is the title that is just casually used for the young men or just for those men who younger in age than you.


This is the title that is used for the kids or also for the people who are close to you or are very dear to you.


This is the title that is used for professionals or for those people who have a very good education.

The Japanese are very specific with what they call their people with and that is why they name them very carefully.

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Implications of Names:

One thing that is very different in the Japanese names is the fact they most of the people in Japan do not even have a surname except for the name that they have inherited from their family.

There are two major names called the myoji and the sei and both of these come with two completely different meanings.

Sei was the patrilineal name that was given by the emperors to the male rank and then comes the name tei which is lower than sei and is a very common name that is used for men in Japan.

There were very few sei in Japan and all others coming from them were just somehow connected to the sei or were the courtiers of it.

Then came the name Uji which was again patrilineal after some time it was then merged into the myoji.

Myoji is just a simple name that is used in families to just simply call themselves with. It was not in any way related to the emperors that is why it could easily be used by simple families.

When it comes to the naming that is given by the Japanese people to their families we can easily differentiate between which one is the real name and which one is the surname.

When people are naming their kids there are some specific names that are only used as a surname and that is why they can easily be differentiated.

Because of this reason, there are very less chances that the names and the surnames in Japan will be confused but because of the fact that the pronunciations are a bit similar, you might get some confusion.

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Even though the Japanese names are written in kanji but those who belong to the Japanese nation or someone who knows how they name their family, can very easily differentiate between the Chinese and the Japanese name.

These are some of the details that you need to know about the customs of the Japanese when it comes to naming their kids with all these names.

They are very specific and are very careful about naming their kids. The names that they use are somehow related to their descendants or the things that are important and close to them.

The Japanese names might look difficult to the people who are not from Japan because of the pronunciation but are very clear to the Japanese.

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