Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Boy Names In 2023


Etymology & Historical Origin - Kobe. The name Kobe comes from a city in Japan notable for the origin of Kobe beef. ... Kobe is also said to consist of two kanji "Ko" (meaning 'god') and "Be" (meaning 'door') which may also fit since the city of Kobe was built around a shrime which opened the doors to Japanese gods.
Japanese Meaning: The name Seiji is a Japanese baby name. In Japanese the meaning of the name Seiji is: Lawful; manages affairs of state.
Jigme is a Tibetan name for boys meaning Fearless. Read below for Jigme's celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Jigme is the one, congratulations!
Aquino Name Meaning. Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian: from a personal name bestowed in honor of the great theologian St. Thomas Aquinas (Tommaso d'Aquino in Italian). Italian: habitational name from a place called Aquino (see D'aquino).
Japanese Origin. "Fourth Son" The meaning of the name Shiro is Fourth Son. The origin of the name Shiro is Japanese.


From Japanese 翔 (shou) meaning "soar, glide" or 奨 (shou) meaning "prize, reward". Other kanji with identical pronunciations can also form this name.
Takumi (匠) is a Japanese word meaning "artisan". It is also a masculine Japanese given name or a surname using various kanji characters. The given name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.


Kano. 40% this week. Gender: Male Meaning of Kano: "the god of the waters" Origin of Kano: African place-name or Japanese.
Kannon is a Japanese name. Meaning of the name Kannon: Form of Kuan-yin who was Chinese Buddhist deity of mercy.
Japanese Origin. "Good, Clear, One" The meaning of the name Ryoichi is Good, Clear, One. The origin of the name Ryoichi is Japanese.