What Are Some Popular Telugu Baby Boy Names In 2023?

There are a lot of names that we have got to know about and we know the name is an important thing and should be chosen perfectly.

When you are choosing a name you should always keep a few things in your mind. Firstly, you have to see if the name sounds good and if it is appropriate or not. Then you should be careful about what exactly the meaning of the name is because if the meaning would not be appropriate, it might impact your kids’ personalities in a wrong way.

In this article, we are going to be talking about some Popular Telugu baby boy names for you. In this list, you will find some really good names if you belong to this specific community and can choose from them if you want.


The first and the most popular Telugu baby boy name that we are going to be talking about is chaitan. This name comes from Telugu origin and it means conscious.


Jatin is the next most popular name coming from Telugu origin and this cute baby boy’s name means a saint. This is surely a name with all good qualities.


 If you are someone who thinks that names should always have some religious associations then this name is perfect for you. This name was used for Lord shiva and can be used for your son too.


 Varsham again is a name that has somehow religious associations because the meaning of the name is Holy place. Your kid should turn into something like that if named after it.


 If there is some name that is known to be really nice and can be given to your cutest baby boy then that is only this one name called Ujjam. This is along with cute is also very unique. The meaning of this name Ujjam is literally cute too.


 There are some names that are very nice when you hear them for the first time but their meanings are not really great. Ketan is one such name. the meaning of this name is Dwelling. If you are somebody who is not really concerned with meanings then you can go for this name.


The next name that we are going to talk about comes from Hindi origin and is known to be famous in India. This is the name that has the meaning of pride. It is definitely a name to steal.


Udarsh again is a name that is known to be really popular in India as well as in Indian dramas. The meaning of this name is brimming. This is a great name that you can choose for your little baby boy. If you are looking for more such names for baby girls then you can look for the Popular Tamil names for baby girlsYou will be able to find some really good names for girls in this list.


Now that we are talking about some names that are really popular, we will mention names that are also really unique. Sadavir is one such name that is unique and it means every courage.


The next name that we are going to be mentioning is Saamir. This again is a beautiful name and means wind. Just a beautiful blowy name for your cute baby.


 The name that we are going to be talking about next is aman which comes from not just a Telugu background but also has an existence in the Urdu language. This name in both the mentioned languages means peace. This is just the right name for your peaceful baby.


 Raaz is the next name that we are going to talk about is again a name that comes from both Telugu and Urdu origin. The meaning of this name in both languages is also the same which is secret. All people from Urdu and Hindi backgrounds should know about this name.


Hamesh is the name that we think has been derived from the Hindi and Urdu work hamesha because these two mean the same. The meaning of the name Hamesh is forever and so is the meaning of Hamesha.


One name that we think you must have heard a lot about in Telugu as well as Hindi movies is the name, Raghu. This is known to be quite a popular name. the meaning of this name Raghu is the family of Rama Lord.


 The name that we are going to mention next is Eshan which again has religious associations. This is because of the meaning of the name which is Lord Shiva.


if you are somebody who thinks names have an influence on the baby then this can be the name for you because it means teacher. Chances are your son will keep teaching good things to everybody around him.


The name that we need to be mentioning in this list of Popular Telugu baby boy names is Sachit. The meaning of this really pretty name is Joyful. The name that fulfills all the requirements of a good name.


Is there any parent in this whole wide world who does not want their kid to be perfect? Of course not, so for such parents we think the perfect name should be Daksh. The meaning of this name quite amazingly is also a perfect being.


The last name that we are going to be talking about in this list is the name Tushant. This again is a really popular name which is also very rare. This name Tushant means Power.

These are some of the most popular Telugu baby names that you can choose from and can give to your little baby boy. Apart from this, there are also names that are from different origins but are really nice and if they are appropriate you can choose from them. You can also look at what are some names in the Kerala language and find names for your little one.

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