Best Makeup Toys and Play Makeup Sets for Kids

We know that no matter where in the world is the baby born, the kids always have similar interests and the fun part is that they love doing the same things too.

When it comes to boys most of them are interested in playing with cars yet the girls mostly are fond of makeup and makeup toys if they are very young but it can definitely be different in some kids depending upon what they like.

In this article, we are specifically going to talk about the girls because this article most likely is dedicated to all the fun makeup toys and products that you can buy for your little girls.

My first princess makeup kit:

The first makeup kit that we are going to talk about is the kit names my first princess makeup kit which is found in all the little girls’ closets.

The best thing about this makeup kit is that it comes with a lot of different products. It has a lot of basic things like lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, and an eye shadow too. One thing that makes this kit the best one is that it can easily be washed if your kid by any chance transfers it to any of your clothes. You can get it washed and it will be removed just like that. We know that this kit is for all the little girls that is why it is completely non-toxic and you can without any worry give it to your kids.

KODATEK makeup kit: 

The next kit that we are going to talk about is the KODATEK kit which consists of about 27 different pieces and is known to be the best makeup kit for your little kiddo.

This kit is amazing but specifically, if your kid likes bunnies then they are going to love it because this makeup comes in a bunny-shaped pouch. The best part about this kit is that it comes with a lot of different brushes that will make your kid feel like a mature makeup artist. This makeup kit will work best for your newly made makeup artist.

Makeup palette:

The next makeup product that we are going to talk about is the single makeup palette which comes with a lot of glam products like eye shadows, blush, etc.

This product is best for the kids that like to have it all glittery because this kit consists of a lot of different glitters to be used on the eyes or wherever your kid wants. This kit also has a mirror that your kid can use to glam up. This makeup kit again is non-toxic and can be used by the kids without any worry. The colors in this kit are very pigmented so it will definitely not turn out to be cheap. If you completely like to glam up your little girl and want to add hairstyles along with makeup you can see the best hairstyles for little girls actually trending in 2022. 

Beauty vanity playset:

The next makeup set that we are going to talk about is one of the bests because it will give your kid the full feeling of having a vanity along with the vanity mirror. One thing that is different about this playset is that it also comes with hair care products too like a hairbrush and a hairdryer. About the hairdryer, it is not just a toy because your little girl can literally use it and dry her or her doll’s hair.

This vanity is filled with a lot of different products like nail polishes, makeup brushes, and even a base for that matter. It will give your girl all the funky makeup artist feels and what else you want.

Auney kids makeup kit:

Talking about the next makeup kit or makeup products we want to talk about the auney kid’s makeup kit which is made with all the pinks and whites and the bag also comes with a unicorn make on it.

This is again for all the parents that just want to give a feel of makeup to their kids and not literally makeup. All the products in this kit are made of non-toxic products and that is what makes it an amazing one. The qualities do not just stop here because this is not just a makeup kit, but it also comes with some different jewelry like bracelets, a cute colorful necklace, and glasses to wear after your kid is done with her makeup. This kit makes for the best birthday gift for little girls.

Also, you can have a fun session with your little girl with her makeup because it definitely is one of the top 20 fun things to do with kids.

Awefrank kids makeup kit:

If your kid is a little older than 5 or 6 years then this is a perfect kit for them because it gives all the feels of the adult makeup and does not in any way look like the kids’ kit.

Awefrank kids makeup kit comes in the shape of a pretty box that for sure is pink in color and the box without any doubt is really cool and crazy for the kiddos. This box is not a normal one rather it comes with some drawers that make it look cooler than usual. This box for older kids is very attractive and can definitely be bought.

Coming to all the products that this kit comes with, it has a lot of different shades of eye shadows, has nail polish, definitely has a lot of lipsticks, and last but not the least it also comes with a mirror so that your little one can directly glam up sitting in front of it. The makeup in this kit is all non-toxic so definitely can be used easily.

You can gift any of the above-mentioned products to your little girl or literally any girl that you know and make them really happy.

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