What Are Some Step 2 Play Kitchens?

When your kids are growing up they are interested in a lot of different things and they want you to get them these things to enjoy. Some of them are interested in beauty sets while others want to play with pit ball-type things.

With that being said, you will surely also have kids who will be interested in getting things like kitchen sets, etc., and that is who we are going to write this article for. In this article, we are going to be talking about the step2s’s play kitchens that you can easily get online and we will tell you some of its different types for you to know.

Best Chef’s Kitchen:

The first kitchen that we are going to talk about is the best chef’s kitchen which comes with a lot of qualities. This kitchen consists of a sink that is easily moldable, and it has a large countertop as well. You will also find some amazing working doors with it and there is also a lot of storage space.

This kitchen also consists of a stove that has lights that fit inside it and it makes sounds just like the real stove and the coffee maker that is also for pretending you can make a coffee too, of course, the pretentious one. You can also easily get it from step2’s play kitchen. 

The best part about having this kitchen is that you also have open windows that you can see through and enjoy the fun of having a real kitchen in your house. The price for this kitchen is 109 dollars.

Downtown Delight:

The second kitchen that we got to talk about is the downtown delight kitchen because it is the prettiest looking kitchen and it comes with a sink that is in the farmhouse apron style. It also comes with a fake refrigerator where you can also store your pretentious food items.

Just like any other original kitchen you also get to have the stove with original lights and the original sensations where you can of course cook your fake food. This kitchen also comes with storage spaces as well as open windows which makes your kid feel like they are working in the original kitchen. This one is the kitchen is also extremely easy to clean but it will surely need adults to assemble it for the kids. If you want to get this one, it is priced at 169 dollars.

Cozy Kitchen:

The next kitchen that we are going to be mentioning in this list is extremely cozy Just as the name states because compared to other kitchens it is smaller in size and is also very pretty looking.

Even though this is a really small kitchen it still consists of all the fake things like a small stove, a small refrigerator as well as an oven. The oven is not only original looking but it also has windows to it too. There is also a sink present in this kitchen where you can pretend to wash all your utensils. When your kid is done playing they can hand the things on the hooks present on it.

Because this is a small kitchen it only costs 64 dollars and it also makes for a great gift idea. If you are looking for more such gift ideas you can look for 50 special newborn baby gift ideas and find some really good gift ideas for anyone around you.

Fun with Friend’s Kitchen:

Nothing is fun if you are not doing it with your friends and that is why we are introducing this kitchen to your kids. In this kitchen, you will have a stove that will burn up and you will also hear cooking sounds on it and your kids will feel like cooking genuinely.

It also comes with a signal giving coffee where your kid can make pretentious coffee and enjoy it with his friends. It also comes with storage space not just for your utensils but also for hanging extra clothes. This kitchen is also extremely easy to clean because it has large spaces inside it so the work becomes lesser for you to deal with. The best part about getting this kitchen for your kid is that it also comes with fake appliances that make the work more fun. You can get this one kitchen for 139 dollars.

Grand Walk-In Kitchen:

The kitchen that we are going to discuss now has to be one of the best kitchens on this list and definitely one of the most loved kitchens by kids. Just as the name states it surely is one of the biggest kitchens on this list and that is what makes this kitchen really special.

Because we are talking about the grand things, this kitchen comes with stainless steel utensils as well as the doors present in this kitchen are also working. It also comes with a doorbell just in case some of your guests are arriving.

The most amazing thing about this kitchen is that it comes with very large storage spaces which include cabinets, dust bins, hooks, etc. because we said it is a grand walk kitchen you must have guessed that it has a very large space for kids to walk inside. This kitchen set is huge so it comes with a heavier cost and it is priced at 339 dollars.

Also, if you are looking for these kinds of gifts for your kids you can look for the best makeup toys and play makeup sets for kids and gift them these.

When the kids are able to play together in such large spaces they interact more with each other and that makes them build new things. For example, they make up stories, they discuss the things where they are playing and it makes them more interactive and surely boosts their confidence too.

If you are finding for things to play with for your kids this surely makes up for one of the best ideas, because they will not only enjoy it but they will also get to learn a lot through it.

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