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Best toys for kids

This page is also offering the same help to the new parents. With an ever growing number of toys available in the market, we have prepared a list of some the best baby toys that can help in the articulation and development of motor skills in your babies.

1. Endearing Chicken

It is always advisable to let your babies play with soft toys as they cannot be harmful and easily managed by them. From a wide range of stuffed toys, this chicken is simple looking yet chic and plush.

Endearing Chicken Baby Toy

You can find this : here

2. Brilliant Innovation

This little toy is a brilliant innovation and comes in different colours. What’s amazing about this is that little kids can press the buttons and hear music, lights or shape’s names. It has proven to be a good addition to your list of toys as it helps in distinguishing between shapes and sounds.

Brilliant Innovation Baby Toy

You can find this :here

3. Pole Stackers

What better way to teach balance and stability to the little hands than to buy a ‘pole stacker’ for your little ones. It comes in various shapes. Stacking is made easier by having magnets in the individual pieces, to make learning fun fur babies. Different colours and textures are motivating enough for babies to keep them engaged. It’s a perfect toy to develop senses.

Pole Stackers Baby Toy

You can find this : here 

4. Mini Gym

Work those baby muscles and boost his hand and eye coordination with the Leka baby gym, one of the cutest and cheapest in the market.

Mini Gym Baby Toy

5. Tree Piece Puzzle Robots

By matching the pictures underneath the three shapes improves fast decision making and makes the easier recognition. Made by Plywood with a non-toxic water based finish.

3 Piece Puzzle Robots Baby Toy

6. Pull-Along Caterpillar

It helps to coordinate with your new walker to get the confidence to get a move on to walking. This caterpillar wiggles behind your little one every step of the way.

Pull-Along Caterpillar Baby Toy

You can find this: here

7. Shake N’ Stack Instruments

Unstack the rings to find a maraca and tambourine so your baby can boogie with this little first act discovery toy. This classic stacker has got musical melodies as surprises for the little ones to have more interest in it when they start removing the stacks, every stack has its own musical character which increases the interest to grasp and stack more often. The post is maraca and the base is tambourine. The maraca has got a feature to rotate to face the baby. The stacker has been made traditionally or easily pulled apart for early percussion learning.

Shake N' Stack Instruments Baby Toy

You can find this: here

8. Busy Town

It has five distinct neighborhoods: bead mazes, peek-a-boo-doors, spinning letter tiles, mix-and-match animal blocks and wiggly vehicle rollers. This activity cube will keep baby moving and encourage fine and gross motor skills.

Busy Town Baby Toy

You can find this here.

9. Sensory Ball Set

This sensory ball set has got 3 balls engaged to have a good sense of touch and hearing skills for the baby. These softballs feature bold colours and high contrasts to have a development of exploration of different textures. They also make rattling sound because of beads inside them which help stimulate hearing also. The squishy baby safe plastic ball features tactile bumps to encourage touch. And as the balls are thrown away by the baby the picking up again also helps to crawl for the baby.

Sensory Ball Set Baby Toy

You can find this here.

10.  Huggable Rocking Seat

For ages 1 and up this Huggable Rocking seat allows the baby to have a ride by sitting six inches from the ground which I much safer when a  baby tumbles off. It has got wooden frame for safety and soft car body for comfort. Comes with lots of colours and patterns which is user friendly for the baby to choose. Also by having 7 different melodies it give more attention from the baby to the car and Promotes auditory development. Easy to grasp caterpillar handle with moveable beads.

Huggable Rocking Seat Baby Toy

11. Activity Book

This cute and colorful book is perfect for babies in the grabby phase. The touch-and-feel pages and squeeze-activated sounds (it meows!) aren’t just fun for baby but also encourage visual and auditory development.


Activity Book Baby Toy


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