Effects of Violent Video Games on Children

Have you ever wondered if violent video games affect your children in some way? Why do some parents not acknowledge about the severe consequences of this important issue? As parents, we never know what goes through their minds.

As they’re playing we are aware that video games are virtual, therefore we’re not likely to be influenced by things that aren’t real. It might be different for our children though since they’re still in their learning stages. As parents, we probably need to step up our roles as supervisors to keep our children’s gaming behavior in check. We’ll explore further how violent video games affect your children’s behavior and what you should do to help them keep it under control.

Which Kind of Games Are Considered Violent

Let’s first find out what kinds of games are considered violent and why this gradation has been assigned to them. Games like Resident Evil, Tom Clancy, Grand Theft Auto, PUBG, and many other such kinds of games are all considered violent because they involve hurting human-like figures in their interactions. Violent games include killing maiming dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being. These kinds of games affect the minds of the children because children have immature minds and are not able to differentiate between their good and bad. Things they see or experience in video games become their second nature gradually. Here is the information about 10 Best Party Games For Kids in 2022.

Effects of Violent Games on Children

Craig Anderson, director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa State University led a group of scientists to investigate the relationship between violent games and children’s aggression. After working with three thousand and thirty-four boys and girls in the third, fourth, seventh, and eighth grades in Singapore they found out that violent video games do affect children negatively to a certain extent. Children who spend a greater time playing such games are likely to show more aggression towards society. They are more likely to respond with aggressive action when provoked. Anderson concluded that such exposure to violence is teaching our children to be more violent.

Provoking Aggression in Children

Children who are exposed to violent video games also frequently tend to be desensitized toward aggression. They’ll reach a point when aggression is somewhat normal in terms of their thinking, feelings, and behaviors. This is human psychology what they see most, they want to become the same. They’ll gradually lose kindness and sympathy which they have in them by nature. Therefore, it can be said that parents should try their best to limit their children’s exposure to violent games as much as possible. We are going to mention here some practical ways that parents must follow to detox their children. Cool Math Games Unblocked – Free Online Math Games For Kids is worth reading here.

How Parents Can Control Children

When it comes to monitoring or supervising your children on their video game habits, it’s recommended to stay away from confrontational methods. Being strict and confrontational with your children will only drive them away from you and hurt their feelings. Therefore the best way to keep this under control is to set time limits on their screen time. Limiting younger children’s exposure to violent games will help them to be less aggressive in real life. As they grow older, they’ll learn more mature ways of dealing with conflicts rather than just lashing out irresponsibly. Some most important points in this regard are mentioned as follows:

1. Spend Quality Time With Them

The most important responsibility lies on the shoulders of the parents and in the first place they must spend quality time with their children. They should also play with them occasionally to monitor their gaming activities. The games they play and the players they play with will influence their mindset and behaviors in real life. You should make sure that your children are interacting with appropriate games and players.

2. Check the Ratings of the Games

Another important point is that before you let your children even start playing a particular game pay close attention to the ratings of the game. Game developers are aware that games should be rated according to age groups so that players can play responsibly. Checking out game ratings should be your number one precautionary step before even letting your children play it. Avoid inappropriate ratings whenever possible and try to make children understand it. In this way, there is a great possibility that they will avoid them in the future. You can also check 40 Best Board Games For Kids in 2022.

3. Organize a Digital Detox

Once in a while organize a digital detox with your children. Exchange digital consumption for a social activity with their friends or families. Children nowadays stay at home more than they are outdoors. This is thanks to devices and an internet connection. A digital detox will help your children reset their minds and limit their screen time.

4. Let Them Pursue Passion Projects

You could also encourage your children to pursue passion projects instead of gaming all the time. This can replace their gaming habits if done correctly. Children like to do interesting things, therefore passion projects are a great way to stimulate their creativity as well as uncover their hidden talents. When you do play video games, keep gaming devices and consoles in common areas. This way you can monitor your children’s gaming activity easily. The only downside to this is things could get pretty loud when they’re playing. You can also read about Best Mine Craft Toys For Kids here.


Violent games may not be a reality however considering children are like sponges, they need guidance. In keeping themselves protected from the negative influences of violent video games, we must take serious and practical steps. As parents, we need to pay close attention to our children’s behavior over time and seek professional advice if we see any worrying signs of aggression or other hostile behaviors.

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