How to Explain the Holy Month of Ramadan to Your Kids?

As you turn into the responsibility of a parent, you slowly and gradually start to realize that how much importance does this relationship holds in your life.

How to Explain the Holy Month of Ramadan to Your Kids?

From the smallest things to the biggest life lessons, you have to teach them everything in life and that exactly is one big responsibility.

When you become a parent especially when you are a mother you have to look into everything from choosing the ten best foods for teething babies to whatever they want to eat as they grow up.

Apart from that, there are also some responsibilities that your religion has given you and that you have to fulfill necessarily.

In this article, we will tell you how you can explain to your kids this beautiful month of Ramadan to your kids and you can make them understand it in the right way.

When do your kids see you fasting or not drinking or eating for a long while they definitely hit you with questions like why are you doing this? How can you survive like that? And that is when you feel really troubled.

So, we are here to your rescue. You can find the right answers to their questions in this article.

Do Not Complicate It For Them:

One of the major mistakes that most parent’s make that has to be dealt with in some sense is that they start to overcomplicate things when their kids ask them about something.

One thing that you have to stop doing immediately is to not complicate anything in their small minds thinking that they have grown up to that level.

If they ask you how you named them, you will not tell them the back story of it but you will just tell them that you found it while looking for the top 100 Muslim names and that is it.

Just like that when they ask you about Ramadan just tell them that they have to fast because Allah has ordered them and tell them they cannot eat or drink anything until the time comes.

Do not confuse them between dates, rules, and all. This way they will just start to understand what it means gradually, and they will eventually know everything about it as they grow up.

Be Positive and Tell Them the Benefits of It:

One other thing that you necessarily need to do is to stay positive all this while. When you are fasting keep your energy positive and do not look dragged or tired.

When you are fasting, there definitely comes a time when you start to feel too hungry or thirsty and that is the time when you need to stay calm.

If your children are starting to fast and if they will see your energy drained then they will prefer not to fast and this will definitely harm their faith in the month of Ramadan.

The second thing that you need to do is tell them how beneficial this month for them is and how they will feel super energetic during this month.

Tell them about the researches that have been made on this beautiful month to prove its importance and tell them how at the end of the day they will get to eat many different things.

This way they will start to feel the love of this month at a very early age. When they will like this month at a younger age, they will automatically obey it when they will grow up.

Tell Them About The Amazing Things That Happen This Month:

Ramadan is a beautiful and very holy month and it does not need any stories to be made up for it because it does hold a lot of magic in it general.

When kids ask questions, they have some scenarios in their minds. For example, if they ask you to help them in searching modern Muslim girls’ names while you are expecting a child then it means they are imagining having a sister.

So, when your kids start to ask you questions regarding Ramadan answer them in the form of telling them different stories related to it to intrigue them more.

Tell them that in this holy month of Ramadan Allah tala closes all the doors of hell for people and He opens all the doors of heaven.

Similarly, tell them that the devil in this month is closed that is why people are not doing any bad deeds. Tell them that how much reward they are going to get if they fast properly and do good deeds.

When you will intrigue their interest, they would really like to fast along with you, and they will respect this beautiful month just like any other Muslim.

Help from the internet:

In this era, where technology has taken over everything, there is a lot of Influence of the internet on children and that is what is going to help you here.

If you feel like your kids are interested in the internet show them videos that are there to tell the importance of Islam.

Ask them to search for things that are related to Ramadan and ask them to tell you one thing about Ramadan every day.

When they will look for it themselves, then they will be able to believe better.

Motivate Them:

Last but not the least, one of the most important things to do is to keep motivating them to do better this month and help them in learning new things through this month.

When you will keep motivating them then they will be charged up and they will never get tired of this beautiful month ever.

Tell them that you are going to get them some really good food at the end of the day, tell them how much they are gaining through this month, and keep them motivated.

These are some of the things that you need to do to explain to your children about this holy month of Ramadan.

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