4 Basic Manners for Kids that Can Do Wonders [CASE STUDY]

There is no denying the fact that manners are of utmost value not only for individuals but societies are also weighed in this way. Whenever we say that this society is mature or well behaving, we meant manners form this statement.

When we are paying attention to our kids and injecting manners into them; it means we are building a mannered society. Previously, in a guide to parents, we discussed about some essential manners for kids and in the succession of that we are going to discuss here some manners for kids that can do wonder.

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1. Greetings

Always ask you children to greet not only to elders but also to their fellows and siblings. Only this single manner can do wonder and they can win the hearts of others. The way of greeting can be or will be different. In Islam it can be Assalam-O-Alikum, in Hinduism it can be Namaste or the most popular way, it can be Hello. Whatever it may be, it will leave a good impression on others.

i) Always have a smiley face 🙂

Only greeting is not enough but having a smiley face while greeting is also important. Almost in every language there is a good name having the meaning of smiling face. The person in front of you must know that you feel happiness while meeting them. This is the practice of polite people and politeness can do wonders. You can also read our guide Home Tutoring For Kids: 08 Creative Ways to Make Learning Fun

ii) Look into the eyes 😉

Parents must teach their children to look into the eyes and then greet others. This is a very effective way to greet anyone. And this manner is taught to children in childhood.  Sometimes they do not smile when they greet someone or do not look into the eyes.  So teach your children from today how to meet anyone and how to meet them.

iii) Shake hand in the appropriate way ?

It has been observed that sometimes when children grow up, even after growing up, they do not know how to meet the other person. Either they shake hands very strictly or very loosely. Shaking hand is an important gesture of body language so teach them to use it properly.

2. Never make fun of physical weaknesses

Another importing manner which must be taught is not to make fun of physical weaknesses. The more polite the society is, the less there will be bullying or making fun of the physical weakness will be. It is considered inappropriate and the more civilized the society is, this manner will be observed there. See some sweet names that can be considered in well mannered society.

i) Teaching starts form home

Mother’s lap is the first school for a child. It is a very bad habit to call the names especially if the other person has any physical disability. It often starts from home that if parents are doing so then most probably children will follow them .And we see that the families who do realize this they always produce polite family members. In our society we also name our children as ’ polite’; therefore, anyone can acknowledge its importance.

ii) Grow mental health

Furthermore every religion also restricts form calling the names and if it is because of any physical disorder, it is far more regrettable.

And if a child keeps doing this, then in the future he will have to suffer a loss.  People do not like such people who make fun of someone like this or spoil the name.

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3. Cell Phone Addiction

In the present era of emerging technologies it is very important for parents to teach their children the appropriate way to use a mobile phone .That is, nowadays we see that children use mobile phones everywhere.  Even when they go to someone’s house or have guests at home they kept using mobile phones. It will be considered a very bad manner that you go somewhere or you have guests at home and you do not give them time.

i) Advice to parents

  At some times, parents become very careless and they think that it is good children are using mobile phones; at least they are not disturbing us. It is a great mistake. Only this one bad manner has made us alone in the company. Everyone is sitting in one room but everyone is busy and away on the cell phone. See our author’s picked unique list of Top 10 best history Channels on YouTube for Kids in 2022

ii) Importance of family time

Many of us have seen the same in family parks and restaurants that children are engaged in mobile phones. They must be taught to acknowledge that it is family time.  Everyone is together; they must talk with each other and have fun. So tell them not to use mobile phones when it is family time or when guests are at home.

4. Respect elders by offering them seats

Children must be taught to respect the elders and how to give their seat.  We see in gatherings that the elders are standing and the children are sitting. This scene can be observed in Metro, in parties and in gatherings.   They don’t get up at all. And if someone older picks them up they don’t obey and feel bad about it. This is a very bad thing. Children should know that if someone older than us is standing, then we have to stand up immediately and give our seat to him.

So, you have to tell the children that when we see someone older than us standing,  then you get up immediately and give your seat to him.  This is considered “bad manners” that the child is not standing. This is a very good thing.  This will increase your child’s respect and also the respect in your child.


Any society gets better when elders deliver good manners to their children. There are also dozen and dozen manners which can be talked about, but here we have some most important manners that, obviously, will do wonder to them. A time, hopefully, will come when mannered people will be inhabiting this planet and we will seek respect and civilization at its peak.

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