How Do You Make Ramadan Special for Kids

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims which holds a very special place in their lives, and they try to make the most out of it by doing good deeds.

How Do You Make Ramadan Special for Kids

People start to prepare for Ramadan before it even arrives and that is the most important part of Ramadan.

When it begins everyone starts to focus more on praying and doing good deeds and everyone just wants to spread positivity in this month.

This month is spent fasting and praying for the elders but when it comes to kids, most of the parents are just confused that what they should be doing with this month for their kids.

So, we just thought about giving some good ideas to these parents as we give them when they are naming their kids by telling them the top 10 Muslim girls’ names for their daughters.

Let’s know together what are some things that you can do in Ramadan to not just make it special for elders but also for the kids who are yet not eligible for fasting.

Start With A Meeting About It:

The first thing that you can do is have a meeting with all the kids in your family and ask them small questions like what they know about Islam and Ramadan.

Listen to them carefully to know what ideas they do have about it and what are some things that need correction.

Then start to tell them gradually that what this month is all about and how we have chances to gain more good deeds in this holy month of Muslims.

Start by telling them about small things that they need to do in this holy month which includes giving charity to the poor, behaving nicely, and all these things.

Then tell them what exactly we do in this holy month and what are the main things that must be the focus during this month.

Tell them the importance of Ramadan and then tell them how we fast during this month and what is the importance of fasting.

When you will tell them about everything slowly and gradually, they will learn better and understand better. When they will understand it, they will automatically start to respect this month and would love to fast as they grow up.

Motivate Them With Stories:

From telling all the small things to your kids like how to identify Muslim names to tell them about all the big things, you must guide them through it all.

The best way and the easiest way to convince your kids to do something that is good for them is to tell them through the stories.

One thing that kids always pay attention to is the stories and they always have a huge effect on the mindsets of little kids.

So, whenever you feel like it is the right time to tell your kids about different things be it Ramadan or anything else starts by telling them about it in their bedtime stories.

When they will know about it in stories, they will start to have an interest in it and they will be intrigued to know more about it.

Always tell them short stories about how the Prophets spent their Ramadan and how we should follow their pathway and you will definitely see your kids interest growing faster.

Making them understand things is the easiest formula to help them follow that path, so start working on it through stories and you will definitely see a change.

Help Them Fast:

One thing that all parents need to understand is that they cannot just make their kids fast the whole day all of a sudden because it will be too harsh on them.

We know that even the smallest things like the significance of naming in Islam should be taught to your kids slowly and gradually so that they understand it better.

Then how can you hurry in one of the biggest things in their life like fasting?

What you basically need to do is tell your kids that they should start by fasting for just a few hours for the first time and then prepare special foods for them.

Then with days start to increase the time of their fast and keep giving them special things to eat to open their fast.

This way, you, and your kids both will understand how much patience they need for it and when they will see their favorite foods coming at the end of the day they will automatically want to wait more.

You can easily make them fast this way and they will do this with happiness because it just ends on a good note after all.

Be patient with your kids and let them work for themselves in a better way as well.

Meaning Of Ramadan And Benefits:

Now when you have finally made your kids fast for Ramadan then start to tell the benefits of it. Not just that but also tell them that the word Ramadan is also one of the top 100 Muslim boys names and people love to name their kids with it.

Then tell your kids why it is considered to be one of the most important months for Muslims and what does it mean to fast in this holy month.

After that tell them how it is one of the most beneficial months throughout the year and how all our good deeds are doubled in this beautiful month.

When you will tell your kids all the positive things about this month, they will be curious to know more and also do more because that is how kids are made.

Tell them about different good deeds that they can perform while they are very young and ask them to do these small deeds to earn more in this holy month.

These are some of the things that you can do to make your kids Ramadan special for them and to keep them motivated during this holy and definitely the most beautiful month.

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