Ten Best Foods for Teething Babies

The modern times have seen the change in trend, in lifestyle and even in perception. Family lives are also affected by these “modern approaches.” The new mothers either do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare a variety of foods for their babies or they are not simply aware of the simple foods available all around that they can use to feed their babies who start teething.

Teething in babies is a crucial and painful time. Mothers have to take special care of the diet they employ for their kids. Therefore kidpaw.com is going to help you in making this decision. Here, we have compiled a list of top foods – fruits & vegetables – that can be given to kids; that are nutritious and aid the teething process.

yogurt and Smoothies

1. Yogurt and Smoothies

Yogurt is and has always been one of the best options. The amazing variation with yogurt can be the addition of fruits like banana, strawberry, apricot or kiwi. These fruits in frozen form can be pureed with yogurt thus ensuring the soft texture of yogurt and nutrition of fruits. Flax or Chia seeds can also be a tasty variation as they are also soft in texture.


cheese soft

2. Cheese, Soft

Fresh Mozzarella or Cottage Cheese can be cut into small pieces and given to toddlers. These soft cheeses are a perfect source vitamin D and calcium. To add some flavor, you can mix in chopped basil or mashed potatoes or mashed tomatoes. This way there will be added flavors and babies can have their first taste of fresh vegetables also.



sweet potato

3. Sweet Potatoes

It is advised by experts to introduced sweet potatoes to your babies rather than the other varieties. You can bake them or boil them. You can feed them in mashed form or even as fries. Due to their natural flavors, you do not need to add any extra flavoring. They are also a good source of vitamins A and C.




4. Lentils

Lentils and beans are an excellent source of proteins. Once you boil/cook them, they are soft enough for the comfort of your little one. You can add a pinch of seasoning and indulge in healthy life style for your baby.





5. Avocado

Avocado belongs to a family of those fruits that have high contents of fatty acid. Since the teething babies have difficulty in eating anything; it proves to be a ‘comfort food’; as it is soft and healthy. Simply peel and cut into slices or small chunks and you have a good option at your hands.





6. Berries

Some mothers are scared to give bite size food items to their kids as they can hurt the gums or can be swallowed as whole. But it is advisable to introduce different textures. To compensate the hazard of choking, berries like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, can be cut into halves or smaller chunks. Berries are a good option of fibers and antioxidants.



7. Salmon

Popularly minced meat is considered a best option to be fed to the young ones as it is a rich source of protein. But wait for a minute and give a thought to Salmon. Yes, it’s a fish, so it is an excellent source of proteins, omega-3 fats and good for healthy brain and heart. Cook the fish and make sure that you de-bone it completely.




8. Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable disliked by adults but can become a favourite food your kids if you have little any imagination. It is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D & c, iron, fiber and antioxidants. So, boil it and use the shape of florets to attract the attention of babies.





9. Bagels

In order to introduce carbohydrates in the form of bread; you can give bagels to your babies. The soft texture will not hurt their sore gums and they will have additional nutrient value. Just keep an eye if the baby breaks off a larger chunk.





10. Tofu

Tofu is another soft food ideal for teething babies. There are two varieties of it. If you find the soft one, then you do not have to puree. For the hard variety, it is better to puree it before giving to your baby.




Important Tips:

  • When you are giving some food item for the first time, closely monitor your baby. You can chew and check a piece in your mouth first and then feed the baby.
  • Do not panic if the baby coughs a little. Your reaction can affect the baby but if the coughing persists then give some water or rush to doctor.
  • Always cut the food into smaller pieces. Thoroughly cook the meat. Crush the beans or chop them.
  • While using noodles, bread or crackers; it is better to opt for whole wheat or whole grain types.

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